Technical Writing

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Technical Writing definition
- Technical writing is a method of researching and creating information about technical processes or products. That information can then be distributed to users as printed manuals or online guides so they can perform tasks. Examples of technical writing include car repairs manuals, help txt for database software and FAQs for trouble shooting. - Technical Writing is a term that represents an increasingly broad set of activities that are designed to communicate understandable information that can help people be productive. - Technical writing refers to straightforward explanations and/or instructions dealing with a particular technical subject. The subject being written about may be abstract or tangible. - Technical writing, a form of technical communication, is a style of writing used in fields as diverse as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, the aerospace industry, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology. - Technical writing is a form of technical communication used in a variety of technical and occupational fields, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, the aeronautics and astronautics, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and biotechnology. The Society for Technical Communication (STC) defines technical writing as a broad field including any form of communication that exhibits one or more of the following characteristics: (1) communicating about technical or specialized topics, such as computer applications, medical procedures, or environmental regulations; (2) communicating through technology, such as web pages, help files, or social media sites; or (3) providing instructions about how to do something, regardless of the task's technical nature.

What is Technical Writing?
―Technical writing conveys specific information about a technical subject to a specific audience for a specific purpose… The words and graphics of technical writing are meant to be...
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