Technical Product Description And Comparison Report 1

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WRT 200 Students
Zsuzsanna Palmer
Technical Product Description and Comparison Report
DUE date:

This assignment will combine technical descriptions with reporting on research. In addition, the assignment fulfills the following course outcomes: understand and be able to apply rhetorical principles to workplace and technical communication situations understand and be able to implement principles of effective document design in preparing technical documents understand how to use research and citations

understand the influences of organizational settings and the networked workplace on the preparation of technical documents understand the generic requirements of selected professional and technical documents

This report will summarize your research findings on comparing two different technical products. You will attach the technical description of each product in the Appendix of the report.

Format, Audience, and Purpose

Your Audience: Someone who considers purchasing one of the products Your Role: Expert comparing two products and recommending the purchase of one of the products Purpose: To describe and compare two technical products

Genre and Format: Analytical Report (Chapter 10) with two Appendices containing Technical Descriptions (Chapter 6) Estimated Length: 6-8 pages (single space) including Title Page, Table of Contents, and Appendices Citations: use APA style


Follow these steps in your writing process:
Identify two objects with similar functions that you would like to do research about First observe the object itself and understand its physical and functional characteristics Create a Technical Description about each object

Research each object specifically with respect to articles that describe its functions and compare them to other products. Also locate expert and customer reviews about the product. Decide on 3 major criteria that you will use to evaluate these products...
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