Techiniques Used in 'This Is Love' and 'Leaving Prince Charming Behind' by Karlo Mila

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Particular techniques are used in the poems: ‘Leaving Prince Charming Behind’ and ‘This is Love’ by Karlo Mila to challenge the views of what love actually means which is held by society. ‘Leaving Prince Charming Behind’ is about a girl that was in a relationship which appear perfect on the outside, with a partner that played the perfect role but did not feel comfortable in the relationship, while ‘This is Love’ is about a girl who had all these misconceptions of love and is guided by her partner to finally understand what love really is about.

In ‘Leaving Prince Charming Behind’ alliteration is used to question what love actually is about. Karlo Mila uses the line “princess in your production” to emphasis the idea that the persona feels like she is playing a ‘role’ in her partner’s conceptions on what a perfect relationship should be like. The persona feels like the person she plays in the relationship is not really who she is but who her partner wants her to be. This is a common occurrence in society nowadays as girls are pressured at a young age with all these fairytales of perfect princesses, and knights on white horses, this distorts and gives of a wrong message that in order be desired have a ‘knight in shining armor’ running off to save them, they have to appear flawless both on the outside and on the inside.

The repetition of the consonance ‘P’ in the sentence “Poor dark prince in your gallant white horse…your kiss didn’t wake me up to your way of think” is used emphasize the sentence and to challenge the society’s views that a woman are dependent on men. In fairytales the princesses are dependent on men to save them for any troubles that arise, the traditional heroes of stories are usually men. By using the word “dark”, Karlo Mila purposely uses a word that has negative connotations of being evil and sinister to express the character of the prince, or the partner in the poem. The author contrasts societies views on the traditional hero by...
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