Tech Environment

Topics: Security, Physical security, Access control Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Technological Environment
Gregory Hamlin
BUSN 310. Business Theory
Professor Rachel Nagel
American Military University
March 31st, 2012

The company I am continuing to work with is US Airways Group. There is plenty of hard and soft technology to list for the domestic environment. Some of the hard technology used in the domestic environment is aircraft, security system, and safety gear. Some soft technology used in the domestic environment is management, government regulations that govern the procedures of the company, and training for employees. The hard technology I listed above is the obvious technology the air line company utilizes yet there is more hard technology being used. The soft technology being used is essential to the success of the company which I will capitalize on later.

I stated the hard and soft technology of the domestic environment but this same technology is used in the global environment also. Hard technology used within the global environment is aircraft, customs operatives, and safety gear. Soft technology used within the global environment is management, different government regulations than the domestic environment, and guides who help foreign travelers from different countries. Although the hard technology is about the same as it is in the domestic environment you may see some outdated equipment within the global environment. The soft technology used such as guides to assist foreign travelers may not be found within the domestic environment due to a large majority of passengers residing within the domestic environment.

There are technological barriers for the domestic and global environments. Within the domestic environment there are flaws such as the security system. People find ways to breach the security system and are able to sneak items that should be able to sneak past the system such as drugs and weapons. Of course we do the best we can but this is the nature of the beast and...
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