Topics: Affect, Social media, Student Pages: 4 (890 words) Published: April 14, 2014
tim tomas
Eng 1020
Instructor Faulk
Rhetorical Analysis
As a college student in todays world technology is all around. It comes in many forms such as laptops, cell phones, tablets and many more. It seems every college student has either a smart phone or a laptop if not both. College students rely heavily on technology for homework and research and also for connecting with friends on social media websites. Many people have created Facebook or Twitter accounts. The sites have spread worldwide and many people use them as a form of communication to keep in contact with others. Each individual has their own opinions on social media sites, some do not care for them, while others are on them constantly. Depending on their view, each person will use a different rhetorical situation to persuade others. A rhetorical situation contains the stance or position of the author, audience and genre. I want to know if technology is thought to help or harm a student’s success. The first article “How Technology Affects Us”, says technology has a negative effect on students. The author seems to be pretty credible because they have multiple articles, some of which were published in magazines. She argues the advancements in technology are negatively affecting society. The target audience for this article are people interested in the affects technology has on us. This is a short article meant to inform about the “dangers” or affects technology has on us. For example, she claims technology affects us negatively because it separates us from reality. When you put in your head phones you are immersing yourself in music and disconnecting yourself from the real world. With that she believes technology is harmful to a students learning ability. John Mack began writing professionally in 2010. He writes for various websites, specializing in sports, art and politics among other topics. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from the University of Arkansas. He is the...
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