Tears on a Keyboard

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As a writer, I find it quite easy to put things down on paper as you can imagine. In this case, it was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. As you read it, please take it all in, it could save your life. I nearly lost mine and I am supposed to be an expert!

I have written two best sellers on the subject of steroids and publish a monthly magazine, the NO BULL COLLECTION that has become cult reading throughout the world. I am a fully qualified Olympic grade A Coaching Instructor and have been in bodybuilding now for about 25 years. In that time I have been in many competitions, tried just about every steroid that is and was available, all in perfect safety I might add. I always thought that my sense of safety would always pull me through; it had gotten me through all the years so far. Because I advise so much on the subject, and have written two best sellers on steroids, I always felt that I had a good sense of what can happen - how wrong can someone be. Understand the feelings that were felt, the pain that was created and the losses that could have been far worse than they were. Just think - please!

For the benefit of the reader, my addiction started around 1996 through to 1998. Since that time I have not touched any GHB or the like and never intend to again. However, and I can say this with great honesty, if I had any near me now, even though I know what it can do - I WOULD take it! That is why none shall be in front of me again. That is, I suppose, the ghost that cannot be laid to rest.

I now live alone with my young son Thomas in the home that I built for his mother Kim and I. Even though I am still married to Angela, I choose to live alone. We are both happy with that. Thomas looks on Angie as his real mother and has done since the about three months old, he won't have it any other way. That part is really a long story. His love for her is unequalled – I like that. During this traumatic time, I have to say that Thomas stayed with Angie quite a lot of the time. It was easier for him as he went to school nearby her house.

Please note however, that there were many people involved in this traumatic experience, and as the story progresses all will be revealed. But it has to be told in the way it has been and so shall be. Should any of my family be reading this, please read on, as all will be told. I have not forgotten your love and help - I never shall.

GHB Who would have thought it eh? A product that came onto the bodybuilding world with it's wondrous muscle building, fat burning properties, increased natural growth hormone release - wow, it could change the way a man could look AND feel - and that is an understatement to say the very least. This article has been a long time in coming but the reasons for it's delay were simple - a situation that can change and did change ones life so much and yet bring home so much hurt can be a difficult thing to bring back into your life, even if it is only memories. I jest not, this article has been so very hard to write after all that has happened. Will there be a happy ending? Well you will have to read on and see. But, I might add, how we perceive a happy ending is really up to the reader.

First of all let me explain about GHB and what it does. It is used for pre-surgery preparation, it relaxes the mind and puts it into a deep state of sleep. Previous to this sleep you get one hell of a buzz; a feeling of well being, comfort, confidence, happiness and all that jazz. It makes one feel really relaxed and if used for what it was supposed to be used for, it worked well.

The dosage, as advised, was originally about half a teaspoon, approximately, and if taken about half an hour to an hour before bed, it would start to slow down the body, if you like, preparing it for a deeper sleep than normal. No messing about, you WOULD go to sleep. Its main aim in bodybuilding was to increase...
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