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Term Paper -BUS 101

Read the Instructions Carefully:

• Students are required to form a group of six members and submit the name of the group members along with the names of selected organization. Two groups will not get the same organization.

• The chosen Company names must be submitted within 1st February, 2011. The group that will submit the name first will get preference.

• The report is due on 28th March, 2011 and the last time submission will be 2.00 p.m.

• No excuses regarding late submission will be entertained in any case and students are advised not to come with any such requests. Each group will have 3 marks penalty for late submission.

• The page limit for the report is maximum 20 pages (main body). Students are advised to avoid irrelevant areas in the report.

• Font: Times new Roman ; Font size: 12 (other than heading); Spacing: 1.5

• The report should be according to the report writing guideline provided before.

Report Content:

• To prepare your report, you have to focus on following aspects:

1. Background of the company:

Name of the company, nature of business, brief history, number of employees, geographic locations.

2. Production and Marketing:

Write about the product mix, brief description of each product, marketing strategy, promotional activities, and pricing.

3. Accounting and Finance:

Write about the accounting information disclosed by the firm, their sources of fund and business performance using financial measurement.

4. CSR Project:

Name the CSR activities they are carrying out. Then describe the Project this report is about. Describe the project, what is the objective behind this project, which social cause they are targeting through this project, what are the challenges faced in implementing this project, how are they overcoming those. What is their vision and future plan for this project. [pic]
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