Teamwork Skills

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Teamwork Skills
Four important skills that will help to create a work environment that great teamwork skills, and each employee is encouraged to work together and participate by giving their input and ideas into the business are: 1. Plan and make decisions with others, as well as informing the leader(manager of certain area of Simply Delicious) of any decisions and ideas employees want put into consideration in helping to further Simply Delicious quality and reputation. 2. Respect the thoughts and opinions of all other employees, whether it be part of the kitchen or front of the shop staff. 3. Being able to understand other people, and to work as a team to be able to relate, communicate, and resolve conflict or situations 4. Each employee should want to be dedicated to their job by encouraging not only themselves but also all other employees to contribute to completing Simply Delicious’ goals. Training Program

The training programs Simply Delicious has decided to incorporate within our objectives are On the job training and Internship training On-the-Job Training
On the job training is a training technique in which employees are given hands on experience with instructions from manager or other trainer. This type of training will allow each employee to gain not only just the communicated knowledge of how each job is performed within Simply Delicious, but it allows for each employee to come into this business and gets trained hands on allowing them to achieve an actual work environment experience. The way I would measure if this training program was successful would be to allow the employee to have a week on the job training. This will give them enough time to learn the basics of their tasks involved with the position. It will also show them whether they can handle and work under a certain amount of pressure. At the end of the week, the manager will check in on the trainee to assess how they felt about the training. The manager will find out...
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