Teamwork Reflection and Assessment

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Teamwork Reflection and Assessment
The members in our teams are Bi, Xue, Qiaoyu and Chloe. Although we didn’t appoint a leader nominally, Chloe is the one who organized everything in our team. In this case, she is a true leader of us. Everybody in our team did a good job and the division of our job is showed as follow. My part of report is the overview of the business, including the contents of strategic contexts 1.1, strategic thinking 1.1 and strategic planning 1.2. My report is written based on the information from websites, books, experience and knowledge. Actually, there is a difference between my report part and presentation part. Firstly, the presentation outline showed later is different from that of our report so that we need to rearrange the responsibility of each member in order to keep a balance of our work. Some parts are more important in presentation that needed to be stressed more attention. As my strategic planning part introduction can be deleted in the presentation, and also my overview will be very short compared with my report, I need to present BCG as well so as to lower the burden of my teammates. So I need to discuss with Xue for more information in order to improve the familiarity of the topic, and finally I have control my part in 4 minutes. Thanks to this group work, now I know the true meaning of flexibility of a team. We need to respond to the changing environment swiftly and efficiently, only in this way can we achieve more goals. Now let’s talk about other members’ work. Bi was in charge of introduction, conclusion of report originally until we later considered that her part was not enough, so now she still need to work out Teamwork 4.1 in order to lower the burden of Chloe. As the overview and introduction of presentation are done by me, Bi doesn’t have any part in ppt because 4.1 is not necessary. In order to lower the burden of Xue, Bi needs to do the PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces in presentation. Because of the different...
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