Teamwork Paper

Topics: Research, Sampling, Research and development Pages: 4 (1181 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Research Process – Week Three
Fany Horta, Joshua Long, Melinda Pogue, John Staggs
Research and Evaluation I – RES/341
July 19, 2010
Mark Bateh

Review of Literature
The review of literature consists of the research topic, which includes how a female employee is paid in comparison to a male employee. The pay-gap between the average pay of men and women has been an issue for the past decades. “The main explanations for the gap are occupational which confines women to the least well paid jobs and industries methods of pay determination which work against equal pay “(Doherty & Stead, p. 17). The peer-reviewed articles summarize within the hotel and catering industries itself; variations were found in the pay in different sectors of the industry and within occupational groups” (Doherty & Stead, p. 17). For example a female’s earning in commercial catering services were proven to be paid higher in the industries like hotels, restaurants, pubs, and clubs but at the same time women were found to have increased their share of management posts were tended to be less well paid than those positions held by men. Another article that states that the House of Representative Standing Committee on Employment and workplace Relations inquiry into pay equity examined why women workers continue to be paid less than their male employers even thought they both have the same job skills, experience ,and also performed the same job functions. Another found articles on peer reviewed, states “a job theory of discrimination has the virtue that it addresses a stylized fact in the labor market that women received about the same treatment as men within job but are less likely to be promoted into good job positions. The theory derives an explicit rule for promotions bias according to sex and predicts the way it varies by firm-specific job value” (Lazear, E.& Rosen (1990)....

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