Teamwork Culture

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Every company has its own "personality" or culture. For an organization to be successful over the long term, its culture needs to be managed effectively. Management Systems' culture management products or process are designed to help firms define our culture and understand how it affects behavior and organizational success. The process serves as input to the development of strategies for systematically managing culture as a competitive advantage.

Besides, I think a manager is directly responsible for an organization’s success or failure. And the quality of the organization is determined by the quality of its managers whose are held most accountable for an organization’s performance yet it is difficult to attribute good or poor performance directly to our influence on the organization.

What is the Management Systems approach to Culture Management? I think the organizational culture is a system of shared meaning and common beliefs held by organizational members that determines, in a large degree, how we act towards each other. We should do things around Values, symbols, rituals, myths, and practices. Moreover, management systems view culture and its management as one of the six key factors which contained in the Pyramid of Organizational Development. Six key factors contribute to organizational success over the long-term.

Six key factors of the Pyramid of Organizational Development as following: 1.Identification and definition of a viable market to serve (i.e., set of customers). 2.Development of products and/or services appropriate to the firm's chosen market. 3.Acquisition and/or development of resources required to operate the firm (including people, equipment, facilities, and financial resources). 4.Development of the operational systems necessary for the firm to function on a day-to-day basis. 5.Development of management systems required for the overall functioning of the organization on a long-term basis. Key management systems include...
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