Teamwork Attitude Towards Leadership

Topics: Sport, Learning, The A-Team Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: September 12, 2011
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” by Michael Jordan. Sport is one way that I could understand the importance of teamwork. I like sports, especially kind of sports that emphasize teamwork. I join a lot of sports club, especially when I was in school or college. A team sport allows us to understand the importance of allowing other members in the team to do their bit. It also teaches us key things like proper communication and the importance of sharing responsibility.

By definition teamwork is the ability of a group of people to understand the situation they are faced with, pinpoint their individual strengths, and then use these abilities to achieve an end result that is favorable. In a workplace, without proper teamwork it is often possible to have mixed results, miscommunication, and a situation where people do not achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, I believe that teamwork would also enable quicker learning processes. Seniors in the team can always guide newer members regarding possible pitfalls, and help them learn pathways better. In some situations I noticed that teamwork tends to increase creative output. A suggestion can lead to another, which like a pack of dominoes, can bring in some interesting results and ideas.

During my works, I always work in a team with high pressure demands and tremendous target. Me and my team managed to increase the service quality for one region in central java, which is consist of 100 branches and with more than 700 employees, up to the 3 best regions nationally. As a product manager of saving account, me and my team was able to achieve target with more than 200%. These achievements along with my current capability have brought me to my current position.
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