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Groups, group behaviour and teams3
Benefits of working as part of a team4
Factors which have an impact on development of an effective teamwork4 Specialist skills5
What is required from each team member5
Influence of Technology6
Team achievements and rewarding6

Current status and issue
Yellowfin Restaurant is located in the city centre. Its personnel is well qualified and experienced in providing an excellent service to the travellers who visit the town but also to the business people who work in that area. After carrying out a market analysis, the owners - Carlos and Sophia - identified an opportunity to expand their business by opening a second restaurant on the quayside at Seatown. Being located in a small place by the sea side, the customer profile is different. Carlos and Sophia would like the employees to work across both restaurants as a team. Solution

This paper is designed to propose an 1-week training programme for the Yellowfin Restaurant teamwork improvement during its expansion process. This programme will include a 4-day training sessions and 1-day team building programme. Training – main points to discuss

The main points that are going to be covered by the training sessions will be presented in a meeting in front of restaurant’s staff. These main points are discussed below. Groups, group behaviour and teams

According to Adair (1986) a group is defined as “any number of people who (1) interact with one another; (2) are psychologically aware of one another; and (3) perceive themselves to be a group.” Organisational behaviour is clearly affected by the individual members. Being a member of a group, an employee can have an influence on the group behaviour and, in return, the group produces a clearly influence on each individual. The effective management of work groups involves a good understanding of the influences on behaviour. Allcorn (1989) classified them in two types: defensive and non-defensive groups. The second type of group is desirable in the workplace as it deals with the group collaboration in a non-defensive manner. “A team is a group in which individuals share a common goal”(Adair, 1989). Although all teams are, by definition, groups a group is not necessarily to become a team. In the literature, the terms ‘group’ and ‘team’ tend to be used interchangeably depending on the personal preferences of the author. Most of researchers argued that there are significant differences between these two terms. (Mollins, 2005; Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007) Most commonly, they see the difference as being in terms of the group remained in one of the Tuckman’s stages of forming, storming or norming, while the team passed to the performing stage. Moreover, a team differs from a working group in that it is task-oriented and made up of people with various, but complementary, knowledge and skills. (Hayes, 2002) Benefits of working as part of a team

Teams make the employees more satisfied and increase their confidence. The idea that everyone is unique is one of the base concepts of teamwork (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007). Teamwork is essential to any organisation, but may be vital in the service industry, such as the hospitality sector where there is a relevant impact on customer satisfaction. (Mullins, 2001) By working as a team across both restaurants, The Yellowfin Restaurant employees are encouraged to get involved; their ideas are valued even if they differ from the others’ ideas and a positive working relationship is developed. Consequently, the work performance and product or service quality are improved; the innovation is encouraged increasing the employees’ motivation and commitment. Factors which have an impact on development of an effective teamwork Numerous factors have an influence on development an effective team within the organization. Hayes (2002)...
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