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With the help of theories and practical examples critically examine the idea of team work. Could it be used as an instrument of control?

What is team work?
“The simple truth is that people in business today do not understand the true concept of teamwork. Over the years there have been some unbelievable examples of teamwork in our day-to-day lives; like the 1927 New York Yankees Baseball Team, the 1972 Miami Dolphins Football Team, the Navy SEAL Teams or Fire Fighters anywhere - the list goes on and on. So how do we consistently achieve the type of teamwork where all team members feel the same way about a goal or a mission, they work towards that end and it comes naturally … in business ? I don't think we can - not because it isn't possible, because it requires a type of commitment that isn't achievable in today's business environment.”1 Ever since mankind started living together teams and group formation were in practice. It is one of the oldest things known to man from the beginning of civilization. It is not a recent phenomenon and the development of team work as a concept and part of management studies is a recent approach. “Teamwork can be defined as an activity or a set of inter-related activities done by more than one person to meet a common goal. In other words it is said as Together Everyone Achieves More.”2

What is the importance of teamwork in the workplace?
There are many significance attached to working in a team. Joint effort of a group of people can help achieve the goals efficiently. Organizations should develop the habit of building teams because of the following reasons: Learning takes place at a faster rate. Valid experience of other team members can be shared and knowledge acquisition takes place. Distribution of workload becomes easy and members will be positively motivated to contribute to the team goals. A common bond is created among the team members resulting in group dynamics. An atmosphere of healthy competition is created where each one try to excel in their field but at the same time they compete for superior performance. Collaborative effort can help in bringing out creativity and innovativeness. Team work enables the employees put in best resulting in improved morale and job satisfaction. Without much consumption of time assigned tasks can be completed. All the above mentioned benefits work at very specific level. Looking at organizational level teamwork has more effect on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. There are specific reasons why this strategy of working is promoted in organisations. At organizational level one can be focused on a particular goal and get the work done much before it is expected. This creates superior performance among the employees and stress levels that the employees undergo will also be minimal. Continuous interaction and collaboration among employees foster informal ties among the employees and the turn to be loyal towards the organizations for their social and professional life. Looking at the significance of team work at strategic level we can see a direct relationship between productivity and job satisfaction. The correlation is positive as performance improves, results will be favorable and this creates job satisfaction. Moreover, enhanced productivity within a limited period of time leads to a conducive environment for growth and survival.

In the words of experts, “working in a team does not in any way reflect on a single employee's inability to perform the task with effectiveness. Teamwork is highlighted in situations where in many people with diverse skill-sets need to come together in order to complete a task that needs different perspectives. Working in a team ensures that the completion of work is thorough. Effective teamwork can be imperative for proper completion of result oriented tasks. Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the fact that it merely reduces the time taken to perform the...

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