team c week 4 summary

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Running head: Eyewitness Evidence Executive Summary 1

Eyewitness Evidence Executive Summary
Lucien Lobban, Brandon Zoerhof, Richard Johnson, Joann Torres
Team C
CJA 364

Team c will review slides 48 to 142 of the Eyewitness Evidence: A Guide for Law Enforcement slide show on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website. The team will discuss the best practices to be used by police when conducting suspect identifications.

Team C came to the conclusion the best practice to be used by police when conducting suspect identification is the mug book. The team members agree the use of the Mug Book is a good way for suspect identification because the witness is told that the person who committed the crime may or may not be present in the mug book. The mug book has the advantage of not rushing / pressuring the witness and provided the suspect is in the book it is a good method of identifying the suspect. Usually, a detective may already have a good idea of the actual suspect, but they still need a witness that can point them out. With the selection of mug shots there isn't any fear generated (particularly in more violent cases) from seeing the suspect as they aren't looking back at you. The photos in the mug shoot are in uniform with regard to general physical characteristics such as race, age, and sex.
Some of the methods we do not agree with are the idea of composite images. We as a team believe yield investigative leads in cases in which no suspect has been determined. Using composite image can be misleading in our opinion. The victim can choose someone that could be innocent based on false facts. The victim can be pressured into making a decision because of the defendant being directly in front of them. The show up has different aspects from the mug book because of the pressure in dealing with what emotions they already have. The negative side

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