Team A Critique Paper

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Lesson Plan Critique Form for Team A

As you review the lesson plan, identify strengths and weaknesses in each of the following areas. Detailed comments are helpful for understanding how to improve lessons. Use the MTE/518 Lesson Plan Rubric as your guide for quality planning.

Each member of our team was able to review and identify strengths and weaknesses on each other’s lesson plan rough draft as indicated below:

Andrew Carson – Andrea Isder
Andrea Isder – Sharen Smith
Carmen Montanez – Dennissa Glass
Dennissa Glass – Carmen Montanez
Sharen Smith – Andrew Carson

1. Objectives and Performance Tasks

Andrew Carson: Objectives are clearly stated and appropriately aligned to the activities for the students to easily obtained and understood. The lesson plan clearly states what the students will be doing.

Andrea Isder: The objectives are clearly stated and described in how students will reach their performance goals for the lesson. It is clearly stated how students will reach the performance goal of 80%, as well.

Carmen Montanez: The objectives and performance tasks are clearly stated and appropriately aligned to the activities of the senses. They do show an in-depth understanding of learning theory, subjects taught in elementary schools, and student development.

Dennissa Glass: The objective of this lesson was clearly stated with reference to what the students will know and be able to do.

Sharen Smith: There are a lot of good objectives that this lesson covers. However, you have them listed as if you are telling the teacher what needs to be taught, they need to be worded differently to state what the student should be able to do by the end of the lesson.
The objectives “To introduce counting by fives” And “To teach telling time to the five minute intervals” do not line up with the standard of “Tell time to the minute…”
The objective and goal in the task analysis do not align with each other. I think the goal needs to

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