Team Working

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Team Working To me the above picture above depicts teamwork, it reflects a combination of skills, qualities and values, diversity and difference working together with a sole aim or purpose. The football players all have abilities, know each other’s roles, need to work together, need each other, and have a clear goal. In health care, goals are clearly well recognised, specifically patient centred provision of safe, high quality care (West. 1994, Headrick et al. 1998). When it comes to teamwork, most people will consider teamwork in terms of being part of a baseball, basketball, or football team. Being in a team is belonging to a group of people who use their skills, experience, and knowledge to work toward a common goal. The players in the above picture all have different qualities that complement each other in the same way a team working in a clinical setting would work together. As stated by Katzenbach (1993) a team consists of a small number of people with balancing skills who are dedicated to a mutual purpose, performance goals and approach for which they are all mutually accountable. I have found in practice that when diversity of team members exists there is a better chance of skills mix, creativity, perspective and improvement. It is evident to me that in an ideal world when each member is allowed to contribute his or her own style of beliefs, strengths and values towards the team the total experience is positive and benefits all. Katzenbach & Smith (1993) discuss the importance of individuals being welcomed into a team because of their diversity and ability to carry out particular tasks, stating that it is not only the skills and expertise that a team member can provide but interpersonal skills and personality differences that are just as important for effective team functioning. McCallin and Bamford,(2007) declared that team diversity is founded on team...

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