Team Work in Human Resource Management

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Team work
Teamwork is a situation where people cooperate to meet common goals (Dinsmore and Brewin 151). In teamwork, people are able to exchange useful aspects that are necessary for the accomplishment of the organizational goals. For instance, the staff gets a chance to exchange information, opinions as well as useful ideas. This improves the performance of a group. Through teamwork, the employees’ productivity is increased significantly. The human resource management is all about maximum utilization of the available human resource. Many organizations in the tourism and hospitality industry consist of people who are engaged in group work. Many job tasks are becoming more and more complex and specialized which raises a need for employees to work together effectively within their teams as well as across the teams (Kusluvan 693).It is the role of the human resource managers to ensure that they get the best results from their human resources. The structure of teams in Tourism and Hospitality(

The structure of a team is very important as it defines how each functional area will work together and who shows up for reviews, who works with whom, who manages changes and when or how often the meetings are held (Brown, Huettner and Tanny 43). In the tourism and hospitality industry, teamwork is very common in execution of day to day activities. Team work becomes very important when the technology or operating process require interaction between the people carrying out different functions (Kusluvan 700). In the modern world, technology has significantly advanced and therefore a need for teamwork. The team structure in the tourism and hospitality industry is based on the departments. Each department has its own teams which are meant to assist in meeting the departmental goals. For instance, some of the groups are involved in serving of food while others are involved in ensuring that the guests are comfortable. In other words, each department is charged with different duties. These duties are major determinants of the activities of their respective teams. The purpose of teams in Tourism and Hospitality

Teamwork in the tourism industry is very important aspect. Kusluvan asserted that group forces affect the behavior of the entire organization (697). This implies that teamwork is a very important tool in shaping the behavior of the employees. The process has led to great achievements which could have otherwise not been realized. Kusluvan observed that teams represent building blocks in the structure that is created by organization with the aim of implementing plans and achieving its objectives. Teamwork has been used by the management in many tourism and hospitality organizations in their plans aimed at achieving their objectives. In fact, teams can be used in the industry as a good foundation on which the organizational goals are laid. Another main purpose of teams in the tourism industry is to enhance success. Dinsmore and Brewin observed that teamwork helps one’s group in excelling in whatever it may be doing and fuels its chances of winning (152). Team work can therefore be seen as a major determinant of the success in the tourism and hospitality industry. The tourism and hospitality industry is characterized by a very high rate of competition. Every investor aims at winning more customers than their counterparts. The team whose solidarity is most stable is the one which ends up winning the battle. Teamwork is therefore a necessary condition in the hotel and tourism industry. Another important purpose of teamwork is promotion of creativity in the tourism and hospitality industry. Teamwork triggers innovation and encourages people to come up with new approaches to problems (Dinsmore and Brewin 152). When employees do things together,...

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