Team Work and Motivation

Topics: Job satisfaction, Employment, Motivation Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Teamwork and Motivation

Ms. Fannie TaJuan Holloway

Dr. Bess White, Instructor

520: Leadership And Organizational Behavior

June 14, 2013

My company, Recreate For You has been doing very well in our business .Currently, we have designed a widget called Woozy-Woo. It is a clone of the of the world renowned popular Widget. National brand widget. Our Woozy-Woo is less expensive, is readily available for the Internet or store sales and shows high sales. However, with all great things there are some drawbacks. There are some defects which has increased the cost of making them as well as delaying delivery of the Woozy-Woo. It is now up to us as the CEO’s to come up with a design plan that will show the following: (1). High job satisfaction

(2). Low turnover
(3). High productivity
4). High quality work
With a design plan it is hopeful that the drawbacks will be diminished and we will be able to surpass where we were in sales to beat the national known brand of the widget. We started our design plan by first looking at our departments which are four departments, which are Sales, Assembly, Technology, and Administration. Each department is critical to the companies future and present sales. The one idea we do not want to consider is laying someone off. So, we the three CEO’s decided to first chose the top person from each department to be a major part in our design plan. Each person is chosen based on work attendance and work ethics. At our first meeting, we discussed the roles that the individuals would have as the reprehensive for his or her department. We also explained to them the problems we were experiencing and how these problems were affecting the company. Because...
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