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My reflection paper is classified along the following lines.

The above model draws form ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, Understanding and Managing Life at Work, EIGHTH EDITION by Gary Johns and Alan Saks and has been trifurcated stage wise in relation to the game, Forbidden Island.

The pre- game scenario began with FORMING.
To be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a clue as regards “Forbidden Island” and wasn’t too familiar with many board or card games. My initial response to the allocation of group members was rather lukewarm due to the presence of one familiar person and the other group members all relatively unknown to me. There was a stark contrast in backgrounds and ethnicities in our “informal” setting. I quickly realized that one of my team members was a long-time resident of Canada and related one of the treasures (the Earth stone ) to a football and the conversation was soon about the upcoming Superbowl Series .This was the ice breaker we all needed to kick-start our activity. The one thing that figured in all our minds was ambiguity as regards the game its rules and objectives and roles and responsibilities (individual and collective). Looking beyond the game, this ambiguity prevails at both levels for short, medium and long term goals. During December 2011, as a hotelier by profession, I was faced with the challenge of a new legislation based on a 300% increase in Property tax. For the first time, this situation warranted a group of competing hoteliers meeting at a venue to discuss our predicament. Most of the group had never met each other before. The tension and uncertainty was evident in the faces and body language of all participants. STORMING:

Two group members began by trying to Google the rules of the game and voiced their interpretations in an ad hoc manner. Multiple game playing approaches were being formulated and the discussion flared up early on. Conflict and criticism led to an attitude of indifference among one member and resistance by another.

“It’s not personal Sonny, it is strictly business.” Famous quote from the epic movie The Godfather.

AT the venue, CGH EARTH HOTEL in INDIA, the owner of the property and the eldest among the group, Mr.Jose Domnic introduced himself and the collective challenge ahead . Soon we found ourselves assuming instinctively roles of an aggressor, a facilitator etc among our group. The aggressors were quick to quick to put a few people down , dismissing some suggestions as “no good”, resulting in a selective resentment for the overall planned group meeting initiative. Attendees refused to accept their role as a member of a group but instead prioritized and voiced concerns relating to only their own property and the implications of the new legislation on them. NORMING:

Nearly twenty minutes into our game play session, we realized that we were probably falling behind other teams and began with me assuring a few others that we could figure out a few rules as we play the game such as use of sandbags, complete powers of the Diver and the Messenger. We decided to take turns clockwise and help each other as we go along ,keeping in mind the overall objective of the game. At this stage we generated constructive inputs on how to minimize game play time and win. Individual apprehension was cast aside and a new found “group think thought process “resulted and was rooted in a collaborative game solving mindset.

Interestingly, the hotel group, in around the same time, (20 minutes) acknowledged the magnitude and potential ramifications that affect not just them, but the entire hospitality industry both directly and indirectly. Additional costs had to be passed on to hotel guests in some way and a...

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