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Team Sports

By aboode12 Apr 17, 2013 553 Words
Abdullah Almoajil
Cause-Effect Essay 3.3

Team Sports
Which would you rather hear, one person clapping for you or a group of people clapping for you? You would like a group of people of course. That is like a sports team. If you are a part of a sports team you will appear great, but if you play alone you will appear weak. Being on a team helps you learn many positive qualities, including developing cooperation, learning important personal values, and knowing how to communicate. Being an individual on a team is like being part of a family. Whether you like your teammates or not, you should care about them. The nice feeling about being in a sports team is cooperation. There are always others by your side and everyone has each other’s back no matter what. You should work together, help each other, and learn from each other. More significantly, no one on the team says, “I won”, rather everyone says, “We won”. If everyone is moving forward together, then success of the team takes care of itself. The team offers the (“potential to synergize your and other people’s individual efforts into a new whole that is greater than their sum.” Intercompany sports leagues provide an enjoyable and lighthearted way for groups to become teams.) 1 Another important effect of being on a sports team is learning important values. Through playing on a team, you obtain game values. You do not play alone. As a result, you learn how to share and not be selfish. For example, when you play soccer and you have the ball, you have to pass the ball to someone else on your team, not keep the ball because you want to be the one who scores. You have to know that everything you do will not just affect you, it will affect the whole team. Consequently, knowing that your actions affect the whole team will teach you how to be responsible for your own actions. During the game every player must do his best to communicate with other team members to be an active player. For example, when you play soccer and you have the ball, you look to your teammate then look at the open spot; your teammate will now go there so you can pass the ball to him. There are many ways to communicate such as looking at each other, hand motions, or calling each other names. In addition, the goal of communication in a sports team is to play a good game. For example, by connecting with the other players you will score more, keep the ball often, and learn how to communicate with your team very well and understand each other. Learning how to developing a spirit of cooperation, learning important values, and knowing how to communicate are the most important effects of being on a sports team. There is a great deal to learn from this experience. Having teammates is not only a professional relationship and playing with them is not only for fun, but also it is about making other friends, learning and enjoying the game.

1- Short,A., Stark,S. (2006). Sports leagues: A unique option for team and relationship building. Published online in Wiley InterScience ( DOI 10.1002/ert.20102

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