Team leadership Memo

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Team Leadership Memo
July 23, 2014
In accordance with the company’s initiative toward entering a new department, I have been asked to create this memo. Recently, I have been paired into a team with the assignment to meet the goals and expectations of the company. I, xxxxxxx, will team with xxxxxxx, xxxxxx and xxxxxxx in order to attain the goals assigned to our group. We share a lot of similarities in our personalities.
By looking at the type of personalities’ we have, I think the best approach for us would be along the lines of a Laissez-faire Style in our team.
The similarities of our group can allow for an easier time for agreement on various subjects. However, the differences in approach between us will help illuminate what the main issues are in the company; that need deal with. Being Valeria and I are tiger for solutions; we sometimes are willing to take risks that could be unfavorable to the company without our knowing. This is where Maribel and Veronica come handled in this group to balance our team. Any idea in the brainstorm that pops up can be question and analyses for its pros and cons by Maribel and Veronica. Maribel value to the group is that she’s highly persuasive. Whatever idea the group decides to agree on, Maribel is convincing enough to sell the ideas to our peers for support and execution, our supervisors for approval and to our customers for patronage. However, Maribel won’t just encourage any type of idea that we, as a team, come up with. It needs to make sense and be the best possible product for the team.
A team with respect of the each idea allows for communication between all members of the group. Veronica exhibits the capabilities of being true leader because she listens to the concerns of the team and they do make her decisions based on what’s best for the group. Valeria and I are able to demonstrate great adaptability to different situations where we can understand why one idea works, and the other one doesn’t.

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