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Topics: Teamwork, Team player, Team building Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: February 9, 2014
TOPIC 4: WHAT KIND OF BEHAVIORS ARE NECESSARY FOR TEAM WORK? It is a fact that a team work want to be successful it needs the corporations come from all members in the team. It means that the corporations also are behaviors of team members to show with each other in a team. Besides, good teamwork behaviors increase relations between team members. This essay wills analysis in deep about the significant behaviors that require for teamwork. To begin with, we cannot deny that if we do not communicate with each other in a team it will lead to misunderstanding of the information. Thus, the information will be lack of and the projects will be delayed and we cannot finish the task in deadline. This is the bad thing, which all team members do not want it comes. Respecting other team member and being responsibility in all aspects also play an importance behaviors in teamwork. Without these things, the team will be in confliction situation. Working in a team, it does not mean that everyone does the same things. Each person will be good at or strong in some cases. They have their own ability and strengths. That is the reason why team members have patience for teammates. It means that team member should not measure teammate’s performance or even rush them because they need time and attention. In some case, if we force them to do so much, the result will be bad. Each individual has to respect the work of others and trust others in doing her or his assignment. If we cannot trust in other person so we cannot work them. Hence, completing our assignment and trust in other will make the result better. Some people say that “no room for ego in an environment where teamwork is important”. Team members must encourage and motivate others in positive behavior. Besides, they must create a positive work environment by connecting with other, providing positive feedback and giving constructive advises as necessary with the purpose that they will bring fire into the team by their energy...

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