Team Effectiveness

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Team Effectiveness
Explanation of Team Effectiveness
Team is formed by a group of people to work together. It was also called a group. Team effectiveness meant a team which is effective, doing well in the tasks. There have three variables of team effectiveness. These are task performance, satisfaction with membership and satisfaction with team output. These three variables been also divided into two group, Task Performance and Group viability. The group viability is the satisfaction with membership and satisfaction with team output (Bushe G.R & Coetzer G.H, 2007). First of all, task performance is the performance of the task which the team carries on. The task performance was graded by three teaching assistants using specified criteria and with the grading sheets. Through these grading sheets, the team can reduce the variation in grading as much as possible containing specific performance dimensions and also use to indicate the level of performance associated with that particular dimension. Beside it also been used to make sure the direction which provided for completing the business cases analysis is clarity and consistency. Then the final task performance score was derived by adding up the scores on each of the dimensions. For example, the Key Performance Index (KPI) is also one of the tool to use for graded the task performance, High KPI mean the team have good task performance, then it will be effectiveness. Group viability is including the satisfaction with membership and satisfaction with team output (Bushe & Coetzer,2007). Satisfaction with membership is reflecting the need of the members. It is a membership-oriented viability variable. This variable was composed of three items. First, being a member which has been personally satisfying in the team. Second, choose the team which you can work with on similar tasks in the future. Third, let member feel this is a positive experience to be a member of the team. Satisfaction with team output is reflecting the willingness to work together in the future. This variable is a task-oriented viability variable and also composed of three items. First, let member satisfy the team final project. Second, did an excellent and satisfying job on the case analysis. Third, let member feel their performance is better than before on the task. This is the Group viability (Bushe & Coetzer, 2007). The Team effectiveness will be built with high task performance, satisfaction with membership and satisfaction with team output.

According to Henderson and Walkinshaw (2002), the performance of a team is how the team executes the action in their work, something the team accomplished and what the team is exactly doing. The team performs well in their work, the team will be effective. The measure of performance is the range or extent which the team executes their action in their work to be effective. For example, a team which is doing accounting job, they have only to calculate the accounts. This is the measure what they perform. If they calculated and made an accurate account, they are an effective team. The effectiveness of the team is the achievement of a result what a team want, especially as viewed after the fact. A team, they did well in their work or job, have a good performance in their work, then get the result what they want, this is an effective team. For example, the Samsung company sold out more than 9 million sets of the smartphone Galaxy S3 and break the record, the team of Samsung get the result more than they want, this prove they do well and effective in their job. This is team effectiveness. The measure of effectiveness is the range to which a team meets the demands which are placed upon it. It is evident that effectiveness is specifically to the achievement of the goals, milestones, and objectives as defined by the requirements of the stakeholders. By contrast, performance pertains more closely to how well the taskwork and teamwork is carried out (Henderson...
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