Topics: Decision making Pages: 4 (1159 words) Published: October 11, 2013
I.  Team Goal: Include a comment on each of the elements of SMART Specific – what, why, who, where and which in terms of the goal? ü   We expect our team to become a cohesive and cooperative group by the end of the term. It will need devoted dedication from each member. It is critical to our success on overall performances because good teamwork allows us to work effectively and efficiently. The specific goal related to Mike’s Bick is to triple the shareholder’s value by the end of the game. Measureable – how will we know when the goal is accomplished? ü   The anticipated goal will be accomplished when the group is facing less conflict in the decision making process than before and having developed communications. The completion of our tasks related to business should come with good return on profits and benefits. The results will be assessed and optimized for every goal to maximize group efforts. Attainable – how will we accomplish?

ü   Each of our team members should contribute equally and finish their assigned tasks. On-line discussion board and Google Drive are the two main ways for us to stay connected with our group. It enables us to share information, resources and update each other in one click. We will also make sure that all group members had expressed their opinion freely, prior to any action regarding to an important decision. Relevant – is the goal worthwhile?

ü   The goal is worthwhile. Since one of the most important objectives of this course is to develop communication and establish collaboration with others, our goal can help us practice professionalism in business relations and ethics. As a company, every decision we made can affect our shareholders. Therefore, major decisions need to be examined carefully and using a professional manner. Time bound – when will we need to achieve the goal by?

ü   It is crucial for us to reach the goal as soon as possible because only a team that that is working together closely and...
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