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2.1 Tuckman's forming storming norming performing model
One of the most common and useful models of team management in today’s organization is Dr Bruce Tuckman’s stages of team development. This model was published in the 1987 in five stages of forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. As seen in figure 1, this model demonstrate how, as team develop skills, knowledge, and attitude over time, their productivity also increase (Barker, 2011). This part of the group report reviews the performance of our group work according to the stages of Tuckman’s model.

Figure 1 Tuckman's team development method
2.1.1 Forming Stage
This stage is the initial orientation period. The members are not fully clear about the aims and the way of achieving the goals, members do not know each other and other’s abilities yet and are not familiar with the way the team leader and other members functions. This phase is complete if the members start to see themselves as a part of a group. (Barker, 2011)

Judging against other groups in this stage, there were meetings held before the activity date, For instance, one of the groups wore blue t-shirts with name badges. Our group had the first meeting at Mount Cotton before the initial activity started and some of our group members were meeting for the first time. Nevertheless, we introduced ourselves, get to know each other and discuss our work experience, study background, and interest. In this time we decided to create and form the work packages and designate responsibilities amongst each other.

2.1.2 Storming stage
In this phase, members are sorting out their place as team members. After the first stage, members are now more comfortable to work and communicate with each other, sharing their opinion and challenging the team leader’s authority and advices. In addition, some members may become dissatisfied with working with others which may lead to some challenges. This stage of group development is the start of...
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