Team Building Activity

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Importance of team building activities

Team Building Activities
Rocket Flying
 Realistic Goal setting
 Resource Optimization
 Strategy formation

 Performing under pressure
 Result orientation – Quality/Quantity


What is team building?
 Process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a

work unit.
Need of team building activities.
Applied in corporate world, schools, sports team etc.
Activities can range from kids games to complex tasks,
designed with specific objective.
Location of activity: Mostly outside the working

What is team building
 Key elements: Facilitator and team members (participants).

 Facilitator: Person outside the organization who conducts the

team building activity.
 Participants’ learning is most important part of team
building activity

Why team building
 Improves Communication

 Improves Motivation
 Creates more cohesive & productive environment
 Improves work relationship
 Discovering hidden potentials

How to build successful work teams
 Clear Expectations – Reason behind team formation and

top management’s support
Context – team’s importance to the accomplishment of
corporate goals
Commitment – are the members committed? What is in it
for them?
Competence –Skill set of various team members
Charter– Team’s mission, vision, strategy, goals & timelines. Control- Autonomous, monetary and time constraints

12 C’s of team building
 Collaboration –Roles, responsibilities and interpersonal 

relationships of all the team members.
Communication – Feedback mechanism and conflict
Creative innovation – Organization’s support to creative thinkers in the group.
Consequences - Accountability
Coordination – Central leadership for cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams.
Cultural Change – Encourage and enable an organizational
culture. Learn from failures.

Team Building Activites-1
 Situation based stories

Eg.1 Our plane is crashed. Our group needs to choose the
12 most useful items to survive...Choose /
rank equipment items in terms of their relative survival
A nuclear bomb has been dropped...a radiation-free shelter
is available, but can only take 6 people; choose who will
Alligator Story, After reading the story rank the five
characters in the story beginning with who you consider to
be the most offensive.

Team Building Activities -1
 Group Size: 5-10

 Time: 20-30 minutes
 Structure:
 Rank them individually.
 Form the groups.
 Examine the reasons as to why the characters got the

rankings they did. What is the primary reason why each
member of the group ranked individuals in the order that
they did?
 Now try to arrive at a group consensus on the rankings.

Team Building Activities -1
 Skills Tested

 Communication Skills
 Negotiation Skills
 Non-verbal communication
 Listening Skills
 Ideal Perfect Team

Issues with team building games
 Typical HR games such as musical chair, activities with toys

etc are monotonous as limited in creativity.
 E.g.. There is no motivation to enact a role-play of a team lost in a desert inside an office room.
 Employees usually participate in these HR games only
because it is mandated by their organizations.
 Hence HR games are not effective team building activities.

Practical team building games
 Reality is an important factor in the effectiveness of the team

building activity.
 E.g.. Team outing, picnic etc.
 Bonds developed during times of hardship are usually
stronger than bonds developed at times of ease. Team
building activity should focus on this aspect.
 E.g.. A challenging white water rafting course would require the entire team to show tremendous physical and mental
strength and thus such an activity would help is building
stronger team bond than a musical chair activity would...

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