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Table of contents.
Question 1
(Page 1) 1.1 Team building definition. (Page 1) 1.2 Reasons why people don’t believe in team building. (Page 2) 1.3Motivation for team building. (Page 2) 1.4 Benefits from team building. (Page 2; 3) 1.5 What is team building exercise? (Page 3) 1.6 Important aspects to keep in mind for team building. (Page 3) 1.7 What to expect from team building exercises. (Page 4) 1.8 The four stages of development. (Page 4; 5; 6) 1.9 What is the purpose of team building? And why it is important. Question 2
(Page 6) 2.1 Activity 1
(Page 6) 2.2 Activity 2 (Page 7; 7) 2.3 Activity 3 (Page 7) 2.4 Resources
Question 1
Team building definition
A situation in which employees or workers are seen as members of teams instead of as individual workers. The Ability to identify and motivate individual employees to form a team that stays together, works together, and achieves their goals together. Team building refers to a wide range of activities, presented to businesses, schools, and sports teams, religious or non-profit organizations designed for improvement of team performances. Team building can range from simple bonding exercises to complicated simulations and more than one day exercises, team building exercises are designed to develop a team’s performance. Team building is mostly applied to sports teams, school groups, and businesses. Team building can be seen in everyday-to-day activities of an organization and team dynamics can be improved through successful leadership. Team building was created to improve development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together and to solve problems as a team. ( 2014)

Reasons why people don’t believe in team building.
Team decision-making takes longer than individual decision-making, and can be a great deal more difficult. Depending upon the task or problem, team effort can be wasted effort. Some things can be more easily dealt with by individuals than with teams. The team's success may hang on the work of the weakest or least effective team member. Once a team gets rolling in a particular direction, even if it's the wrong direction, it develops momentum. It may be harder for a team than for an individual to get back on a better track. Especially at the beginning when members are still getting familiar with one another, the work of teams can bog down in interpersonal issues, resentments, and blame. On the other hand, once team members are bonded and committed to one another and the team, they may be reluctant to tell...
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