Team and Final Project

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Individual Assignments


Review the Lecture for an overview of this week's material and objectives.

Video Episodes

View the videos in the weekly Video Episodes section.

Team Assignments

Team Video Analysis Report

In preparation for preparing and submitting the team's Final Project, each week you will create your own consultant's notes as you observe various CanGo meetings (via the video episodes/cases).

For the week 4 Team report you are to list 6 issues facing CanGo that you gleaned from the week 3 and 4 videos. They should be prioritized in order of importance. They should be numbered.

The team must then come up with an actionable recommendation for each of the issues found. These should also be numbered.

Each Issue and Recommendation is worth 4 points for a total of 48 points.

Your assignment is due by Sunday, end of week, 11:59 PM (Mountain Time). Only the team lead should submit your team's assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these Step-by-Step Instructions or watch this Dropbox Tutorial.

Team Discussions and iConnect Participation

Each team member is required to post in the designated team area a minimum of three times each week, starting no later than Wednesday. This will feed into your individual grade for how well you are assisting your teammates with the preparation for the Final Presentation and Final Report.

Be sure to schedule and attend your team iConnect meetings. As a reminder, you must record your iConnect meetings. This allows you to review what your team has covered as well have a reference for any team member unable to attend the live session.

Stay active with your team!

Final Project

Each week, all team members will work together to develop the content of the deliverables for the Final Project (Final Presentation and Final Report) for the respective teams. Documents that the teams should use...
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