Team Analysis

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Team Analysis Patrick Ngoie University Of Phoenix

Workshop 3
I improved my writing skills and learned how to use the APA format in my undergrad, one of the most important tasks was learning how to adapt with the teams by implementing my skills. I made sure that skills were useful to benefit the group. The best part about working with teams is sharing ideas with each other because it a fun exercise and it breaks the ice. A team member needs to be responsible by keeping their word when it comes to time for submitting assignments. I’ve had the ability to use my skills professionally from the education experience I got at UOP. A power point presentation helps me prove my services to potential clients in my nature of business.

I would like to expand my research skills while contributing to the overall success of submitting quality and professional work in a timely manner. Research is very important in general because the information you find will be explained in your own words. I realized that one of the strengths that I have is in research because every time we had team project I came up with great information that benefited the team. Working with teams has always been a challenge due to many reasons. Each team member has a different work ethic. It is also important to learn from a diverse group because their ideas can turn your weakness into strengths.


I understand the importance of being in a team due to my undergrad experience. This experience has helped me with the way I communicate with members today. My new team members will understand my work ethic by communicating with each one. Contribution plays a major role in a team because without it there is no team. Jahan’s contribution to the team are Writing skills, brainstorming,...
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