Team Analysis

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Type A and Type B personality theory Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: March 7, 2010
Analysis of Team A
Learning teams give individuals an opportunity to work together to achieve a goal or assignment. Our learning team members completed the charter to become familiar with individual strengths, areas they would like to improve and skills they can offer to the team while completing assigned tasks. The expectations we have to be successful are stated in the charter, along with methods to manage conflict if it occurs. Evaluating the team member’s self-assessments along with their contribution to the team charter will provide a basis to improve the performance of Learning Team A. Team Charter

Becoming familiar with team members is the primary method to know the best way to manage the performance of a team. Completing the team charter provided the foundation for team members to express their thoughts and processes of an effective team. As a learning team we established some ground rules: necessity of a team leader, checking in with team frequently, expressing problems early on. Overall, the expectations appear to be similar among all team members: encouraging communication with team members, sharing equal responsibility for the assignments, requesting and accepting assistance when needed from other team members in order to complete an assignment on time. When these expectations are not met it could result in conflict. When conflict occurs, professionalism and a direct approach will work best to manage the situation; we agree this will allow the team members to resolve the matter and continue with assignment. Self-assessments

We shared our results from the self assessments on trust, listening and personality types. The assessment on trust demonstrated how most of us have trust issues, except Michael appears to be more trusting of others, within the group. This indicates the need for us to ensure we communicate to our fellow team members our intentions and follow through, in order to build trust among each other to maintain adequate...
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