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Demetrius Isaac
English S09
Professor Lindquist
October 14, 2013
Lessons in Life

GAMETIME! This is what its all about right here. Down by 4 with two timeouts left and 2:15 seconds on the game clock. Being the starting quarterback, it’s all on me to carry this team to a win; by the way if we win we go on to play in the state championship game! My coach, Adam Hastings, pulls me to the side and looks me in my eyes and says, “It’s your time, I’ve coached you as far as I can, and this is your team now, you are the leader so take control and lead this team to a victory, but no matter what the outcome is I’m proud of you and how far you have came in life.” That was our last win together and I will never forget what he told me. Coach Hastings had a positive effect on my life because he taught me how to be a leader, give back to the community, and never give up on what I want to do.

To be a leader is more than just telling someone what to do. Coach taught me that being a leader is about respecting everyone around you, making sure you’re always doing the right thing even when no one is watching and encouraging others to be or do better. Respect is a great thing to have or give, and it was also one of Coach’s main points he taught me. If he ever found out you were being disrespectful, you were going to be in deep trouble. Showing up late to practice, you were going to run the whole practice, acting up in class, you were going to run. Lying about anything, you were going to run. He didn’t just try to make you a better player; he wanted to make you a better person. He taught me how to not only make myself better but to also make others around me better. I would often have to take on other peoples roles, not because they couldn’t do it, but to just show them how to make it easier on themselves and to overall make them a better player. Not everyone has the ability to do or be as good as others so I had to learn and respect that so when they would mess up instead of...
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