Teaching A Class About Fingerprinting

Topics: Fingerprint, Question Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Samantha Meyer
Lesson Plan 8/Reflection #8
SCIE 376

This week, I taught a lesson about fingerprinting to my students and it went extremely well. The students were highly attentive, every student participated, and based off of my assessment, every student fully understood the topic. My lesson this week aligned with the scientific and engineering practices 1, 2, and 4. Practice 1 is asking questions, practice 2 is developing and using models, and practice 4 is analyzing and interpreting data. My lesson was structured to help students engage in these practices because I had discussion questions written in advance, the students created their own individual fingerprinting model, the students analyzed their fingerprints, and interpreted the information they learned further with more activities. I wrote several discussion questions to ask the students for every section of the lesson and made sure to have the lesson with me while I taught so I was able to refer to the lesson and ask the students all of the questions. This was extremely beneficial because the questions got students thinking, learning, and interacting with each other. The students developed a model by tracing their hand, taking their own fingerprints, and putting each fingerprint on the correct finger. When finished, the students each had a model of their own fingerprints. The students analyzed their model by labeling what type of fingerprint each of their fingers was on their model. The students then interpreted the data by labeling the 3 different fingerprints in a chart. I provided 8 examples of fingerprints that all looked different. After the students placed each fingerprint on their chart, we discussed each as a group and figured out the correct answer through questioning and discussion. This activity really deepened the students understanding of the topic. Lastly, the students interpreted the data by playing a fingerprint matching game. When the students found a match, they were required to...
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