Teaching without Talking: Activity-Based Learning

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Teaching Without Talking

Teaching Without Talking (TWT), is basically an Activity Based Learning , in which learners are given maximum opportunity to use their minds to learn new things. Activity based learning engages the student in the process of constructing his own learning rather than passively receiving information which may or may not have meaning for him. And the best part is, it’s fun for both children and teachers.

In conventional teaching, where teacher talks and students just listen, starts boring the students after certain time. Eventually students or learners loose their interest and every thing teacher says, just pass over their heads. Research has proved the fact that only “Teacher Talking” in the class should not be a preferred way of teachings, if we want to put the learners on a real learning track.

Learning process could be made interesting , effective , efficient & result oriented, if students are encouraged to think & involve themselves, in learning process. TWT in Pakistan:
Much of education as it is commonly practiced in Pakistan is competitive and test driven. Students are encouraged to learn what will come on exams – no more, no less. Learning for its own sake, or sharing one’s knowledge with others in the class, has no place in such a system. Now the time has come to implement Activity-based learning, which lends itself naturally and easily to cooperative learning. In activity based learning students are encouraged to work in form of small groups. Group work is a common feature of activity based learning, with different children taking on the tasks which are appropriate to their individual levels. If the project is to make chapattis, for example, there is no shame in being the one who kneads the dough or rolls the rotis or cooks them or cleans up afterwards. Every task is necessary if everyone wants to eat! Positive interdependence is critical to the success of the activity based learning, because the interconnectedness helps students learn to give and take to realize that in the group, as well as in life, everyone can do something, but no one can do everything. When cooperation is successful, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

By implementing Activity Based Learning, conventional role of teacher can be changed from an authority in knowledge to a facilitator for the student to discover knowledge. When our students, experience interest in something, whether it is a subject, sport or activity, nothing will stop them from learning all they can about it. Academic subjects can also be introduced from an interesting perspective, where fun should be a gateway for learning. The teacher changes from authority to facilitator by finding ways to present a syllabus that is based on fun. Many types of games and activities can be modified for school use and once children understand and enjoy the games, they will create games for themselves and other classes. Whether through play or through games created for learning, children automatically remember the subject involved. Just because children and teachers are enjoying the games does not mean that the subject matter gets lost; on the contrary, the subject matter is the starting point. Activity based learning gives joy to children, and teachers have the satisfaction of imparting a life-long love for learning.

Following Four students were taken to carry out two TWT Activities NAMECLASSAGE
1. ZARA ANWARClass 9th14 years
2. ALBAB AQUIBClass 8th12 years 6 Months
3. JOHN ABRAHAMClass 8th13 years
4. FARHAN MALIKClass 8th13 years

This activity is generally performed to clarify concepts that are often confused, or poorly understood. This is a very good activity to understand the thin line which differentiate between the two similar species , concepts etc. Topic:

Crocodiles VS. Alligators
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