Teaching Vocabulary

Topics: Education, Teaching English as a foreign language, Language Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: June 5, 2013
1.1 Background
Nowadays, English is one of important subject which is taught in each level of study. It plays an important role for people to communicate one to another. Moreover English is used to absorb information in aspects of life in this world. There are a number of factors that affect the success of English Language Teaching (ELT). One of the factors is teacher. Teacher can determine whether or not other factors can work well. English language learners who have low motivation to learn English can be made more interested in English classrooms because of the way good English teachers involves them in the learning experience. There are four language skills in English, such as Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. My action research here emphasized about young learners. They still difficult understand and applied the vocabulary. Commonly the students feel difficult to understand and remember about vocabulary that we have taught to them. The students are expected to master well both oral and written language in the end of teaching learning process. In learning both oral and written language, students always deal with vocabulary. Thornbury in swan and walter (1984) stated that vocabulary is the first and foremost important step in language acquisition. Considering the importance of vocabulary mastery for the students, there should be special time in teaching-learning process that gives more attention to the vocabulary acquisition. By giving special time for vocabulary, it will help students improving understanding about vocabulary. There are some problems faced by the students who try to master vocabulary. Besides the less of time, vocabularies are usually taught by translated from the reading passages or giving glossaries at the beginning or the end of the lesson. The students often find the meaning of the words from the dictionary. As a result, they become passive and will forget their vocabulary easily and also get bored...
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