Teaching Reading Comprehension

Topics: Teacher, Reading, Education Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 17, 2009
In today's schools, so many children have problems with learning to read. Many teachers and parents will confirm that reading problem exacts a great period of time. Reading comprehension requires mental work for keeping thoughts, motivation, concentration and good study strategies. Comprehension is the main component of studying reading. Teaching reading comprehension strategies for pupils at all levels is complex. Teachers must have a strong understanding of the text and its contest and must have a good knowledge of the methods. The National Reading Panel has carried out the study of reading comprehension and picked out three major topics in the investigation on the development of reading comprehension skills.

Reading comprehension is a complex cognitive process. It cannot be analyzed without a definite description of the vocabulary development and vocabulary instruction role in the understanding of the text. Besides, comprehension is an active process and thus, it requires a thoughtful interplay between the reader and the text. Also, the teachers’ preparation is aimed at developing reading comprehension strategies that is connected to pupils' achievements.

Research on comprehension methods and strategies has developed for a comparatively short time. At first, the investigators of this question paid special attention at teaching one strategy. Later on the studies proved the effectiveness of teaching some strategies at once. Still, it is not easy as requires teachers to be skillful and be able to respond to pupils' necessity for a help while they are reading.

Researchers have discovered how to successfully teach children to read. According to the findings of the National Reading Panel Report the analysis of the text requires five spheres of reading instruction to be used. They are: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. Each sphere determines the skill, looks through the research data, describes certain strategies for...
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