Teaching Profession

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Lesson 1: The National Competency-Based Teacher Standards
Synapse Strengtheners
Tell something about the teacher in the classroom and in the community by completing this acronym: T – TRAINER

Reflect on the teacher as she goes about her task in the classroom and in the community. In what way is he/she ... A piece of iron – A teacher who is strong and firm.
A well -
A planter – A teacher who is interested in his/her studetns germination. A gardener – The teacher should be patient with the seedlings because no matter how much water or sunshine they receive, they are all individuals and grow at their own rate in their own way; no two are the same. A door – A teacher opens opportunity for every students.

A wake-up call – A teacher try to make his/her students realize what are their worth. And what are their purpose in life and what woould they be in the future. A potter – A teacher help to shape the students character. A mirror – A teacher is a mirror that shows not only the self but the path and its choices, the task and its demands--the difficulties, the joys. An assessor – A teacher assess his/her students learning.

A nurse – A teacher help students to develop self-care abilities to maximize 
functioning and quality of life.

Lesson 2: 21st Century Teacher
Synapse Strengtheners
1. By means of a graphic organizer, describe the 21st century teacher by presenting the 21st century skills.

2. Develop a questionnaire that makes use of a Likert scale to determine the extent to which a teacher possesses the 21st century skills. Direction: To what extent do you do each of the following? Check the column that corresponds to your answer.

Legend:1 – Never
2 – Rarely
3 – Sometimes
4 – Often
5 – Always
21st Century Skill
1. Use the computer with ease when I lecture.

2. Must be able to adapt to a dynamic teaching experience.

3. Have a vision of what you want and what the technology can achieve.

4. Can identify his/her goals and facilitate the learning.

5. Must continue to absorb experiences and knowledge.

6. Fluent in tools and technologies that enable communication and collaboration.

3. Use the questionnaire for you to determine the extent to which you possess the 21st century skills. I can use computer easily. I can adapt dynamic teaching experience and absorb it. And I think I can handle tools and technologies well enough for my teaching.

Lesson 3: School and Community Relations

Synapse Strengtheners
3. What are some learning resources existing in the community that school children and peronnel can visit for mutual assistance and enjoyment. Park

Shopping Mall

Lesson 4: Linkages and Networking with Organizations
Research on:
How ABS-CBN and GMA Foundation assist schools and school children nationwide. The ABS-CBN foundation funds at least a couple of projects to help school children.

1) Bantay Bata has also opened the door for educational opportunities for kids under its Bantay Edukasyon initiative, which in the past ten years has provided scholarships for more than 1,660 children – from elementary to high school.

2) The Educational-TV (ETV) program provides adopted public elementary schools with an audio-visual educational library which helps augment the Philippine Department of Education’s (DepEd) national curriculum. With ETV enhancing the learning experience, the grades of school children have consistently improved – to as much as 70% in test scores in math, 57% in HeKaSi (a subject which teaches geography, history and civics), 40% in English and 35% in science*.

*based on statistics from the Philippines’ National Achievement Test scores

A foundation that is known for its educational acitivities.
Knights of Columbus Philippines...
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