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Name: Course and Year: BSN 3-A Class Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Instructor: Date of Submission: Oct. , 2011
A) Description of Learners
The learners are BSN Level 3 students. The average age range is from 18- 20 years old, single and full- time students. Enrolled and registered in the said college school. The new curriculum requires them to report three days in school and three days in the clinical area for their RLE or practicum requirements following the 3/3 plan. Their exposure to the Clinical Area will enable them to practice their skills in the art and practice of rendering appropriate nursing care and intervention. To apply, practice, and enhance of what they learn in school during the return demonstration session. To help their patients become independent in health care and/ or maintenance and rehabilitation, whatever the case may be. To teach patients regarding in health teaching on how tom prevent illness and how to promote health. B) Focus of Clinical Experience

Nursing care of clients who are confined in Pedia Ward who have different cases. Most belong to the lower income level.

C) Setting
The Pedia Ward is located beside the Nurse’s Station. It has a 10 bed capacity.

D) Briefing or Orientation
a) Discuss and explain the learning objectives of the RLE in the Pedia Ward. b) Discuss the requirements and specific activities during the duty hour. c) Receive the endorsement from the outgoing shift.

d) Explain the nature of the evaluation and grading system as follows:

i. Psychomotor: 50%
* Assessment 10%
* Planning and
Implementation 30%
* Evaluation 10%

ii. Affective: Attitude/
Professionalism 20%
* Is neat and well- groomed 5%
* Observes punctuality
in all activities 5%
* Is reliable, dependable
and resourceful 5%
* Shows composure
in handling emergency/
Crisis situations 5%

iii. Cognitive: Cognitive
Knowledge 30%

TOTAL: 100%

TIME| 1| 2| 3|
7:00- 8:00| Devotional (RTMDH)| Devotional (RTMDH)| Devotional (RTMDH)| 8:00- 9:00| Receive Endorsement| Receive Endorsement/| Receive Endorsement| 9:00- 10:00| Ward Orientation and Rounds| Bedside care/ Preparation of medication | Bedside care/preparation of medication| 10:00-10:30| First batch (5students)|

10:30-11:00| Second batch (6 students)|
11:00-12:00| Vital signs taking/Measuring of intake and output/Charting and Graphing| Vital signs taking / Measuring of input and output/Giving of medication| Vital signs taking/ Giving of medication/ Charting and Graphing| 12:00-1:30| Reporting| Group Discussion| Evaluation of Week Performance| 2:00- 3:30| Endorsement| Endorsement| Endorsement| 3:30- 4:00| Travel time| Travel time| Travel time|


TIME| 4| 5| 6|
7:00- 8:00| Devotional (RTMDH)| Devotional (RTMDH)| Devotional (RTMDH)| 8:00- 9:00| Receive Endorsement/ Rounds| Receive Endorsement/ Rounds| Receive Endorsement/ Rounds| 9:00- 10:00| Bedside Care/Preparation of Medications | Bedside Care/Preparation of Medications / CBG| Bedside Care/Preparation of Medications | 10:00-10:30| First batch (6 students)|

10:30-11:00| Second batch (5 students)|
11:00-12:00| Vital signs taking/ Giving of...
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