Teaching Philosophy

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Educational Philosophy
Tamara Melton
December 14, 2012
Theresa Schneebacher

Educational Philosophy
Education philosophies are evident in today’s schools. Teachers believe all students are capable of learning and mastering basic skills. It’s how teachers teach their students that make the difference. When teacher’s take a look into their teaching philosophy it empowers them to do their best in the classroom. Their philosophic inventory allows them to understand how their student’s are going to learn, acquire knowledge and how they are going to apply that knowledge to be a successful productive citizen in our society. Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning are intertwined with each other to the degree that they complement each other by building on one’s prior knowledge. Student’s come into the classroom with open minds, and it is the teacher’s responsibility to expand their minds and fill it full of information, so that they can use the acquired knowledge to build their personality and broaden their thought process to help them solve problems of everyday life. When a student comes into the classroom they should be eager to learn and willing to build on the lessons they learned from the day before. Students

Students are the center of learning. They are the future and the future depends on how successfully educated our children are. Students are the core foundation of our society, as they are the ones that will be weaved into our society upon successful graduation of high school and post secondary schooling. Students need to be taught about the importance of acquiring good work ethics and values and how they are related to their advancement in our society.

Knowledge is what is gained through participation in classroom activities and applied to everyday activities. The knowledge that is received in school can be transferred into life outside of school. When students are able to apply what they have...
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