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Teaching Methods Used by Teachers

By junlagbu Dec 26, 2012 3084 Words

SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012

A Research Paper

Presented to
Faculty of Roosevelt College Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Rizal

In partial fulfillment of the requirements

For the Course Thesis Writing

Research II


Philbert S. Carmona Jr.

Cole Isaac M. GasparIssey G. Hashimoto

Julli Elaine J. CabalKarla Mae L. Liboon

Mari Louise C. San MiguelJam Meredith S. Ulip

March 2012


Roosevelt College Rodriguez

The research entitled “The Teaching Method Used by the Teachers and Academic Performance of the High School Students of Roosevelt College Rodriguez during School Year 2011-2012.” Prepared and submitted by Philbert S. Carmona Jr., Cole Isaac M. Gaspar, Issey G. Hashimoto, Julli Elaine J. Cabal, Karla Mae L. Liboon, Mari Louise C. San Miguel, Jam Meredith S. Ulip. In Partial fulfillment of the reqeuirements for graduation has been accepted and recommended for acceptance and approval.

March 2012

Mrs. Marife D. Baliwas
Research Teacher





Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Course Thesis Writing Research II

Noted By:



TITLE: The Teaching Method Used by the Teachers and Academic Performance of the High School Students of Roosevelt College Rodriguez during School Year 2011-2012.

SCHOOL: Roosevelt College Rodriguez High School Department
Manggahan, Rodriguez, Rizal

RESEARCHERS: Philbert S. Carmona Jr., Cole Isaac M. Gaspar, Issey G. Hashimoto, Julli Elaine J. Cabal, Karla Mae L. Liboon, Mari Louise C. San Miguel, Jam Meredith S. Ulip

TEACHER: Mrs. Marife D. Baliwas



This school year 2011-2012, the researchers were able to

determine what behaviors students consider most helpful in the

teaching learning process. The behaviors that scored high

focused more on personal attributes than the teacher's ability

to instruct. The highest were ability to motivate students,

genuine concern for students, effective communication, and

genuine respect for the student.

The researchers first seek the approval of the directress

about the title of the study. Then, the researchers started

looking for books and other studies and literatures, which are

related to this study. After looking for some studies and

literature from books and other sources, the researchers started

making the first chapter, which is all about the problem and its


The researchers stated in the background of the study the

reasons why did they conduct the study. The process of the whole

research study was clearly stated in the theoretical and

conceptual framework. The specific questions to be answered in

the study were described in the statement of the problem giving

the researchers a null hypothesis about the study. The

significance of the study states that the students, teachers,

Academic supervisor and the research community will benefit in

the study.

The researchers then started the 3rd chapter about the

Design and Methodology of the research. The method used in this

study was discussed in the method of research. The descriptive

method of research was used and the specific type of study that

was used is the correlation study. The questionnaires that was

used was conferred in the research instrument. It also talked

about the distribution scales where the researches based

their interpretations. The process of gathering the data needed

and even the creation and validation of the questionnaires were

also given emphasis in the chapter. Statistical tools were

discussed and their uses in the study were also stated within

the chapter.

The researchers then formulated questionnaires to be

answered. The researchers first validated the tests and after

that, the questionnaires were distributed to the respondents and

were gathered by the researchers. The researchers tallied the

data and created tables to be interpreted.

Tables and the interpretations of the computed values of

the study were show in Chapter IV. Each table has its own

computed value and interpretation. The data was analyzed,

interpreted ad treated statistically. The output of the whole

research answers the hypothesis that there is a significant

relationship between the teaching method of the teachers and the

academic performance of the high school students. All in all,

the findings of this research points out only one thing that

students, teachers and future researchers were able to benefit

in the Teaching Method in the field of the society.


Title Page……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… i

Approval Sheet…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ii

Abstract………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… iii

Table of Contents…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… vi

List of Tables and Figures……………………………………………………………………………………… viii

Acknowledgement ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ix

Dedication……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… xi

Chapter 1


Background of the study

Teaching method is a style on how will you teach students

and help them learn more easily. There are many types of

teaching method and it benefits students on many different ways.

It is so important because it will help the students to develop

their intelligence and their attitude. Teachers need to be a

good example because if the teacher looks tardy, the students

will get bored and they can’t learn such thing.

The teaching methods are best articulated by answering the

questions “ What is the purpose of education? ” and “ What are

the best ways of achieving this purpose? ”. Teaching Methods were

largely informal and consisted of students imitating or modeling

the behavior of the teachers, learning through the

student-centered and group activities. Teaching was the are of

sciences of being a teacher generally referring to the strategies

of instruction that help teacher teach better the typical lesson

plan or practical skill involving learning and thinking skills.

Good teachers know their students. If they have been

teaching a particular group of students for sometime, they probably

know quite a bit about their interest, ability levels, and

learning styles. If the teacher knows what the good method that

he/she will use, the approach of the students will be good. When the teacher uses a method that the student didn’t like, it can

affect the academic performance of the students either it will

be a good or bad effect. Some students did not their teachers

when they don’t want the way the teacher teaches.

The Researchers conducted this study for us to identify what

are the different teaching methods used by the teachers in different

subject areas. Does the teaching methods affect the academic

performance of their students?

There is a study that says teachers must use different

strategies in teaching their students. They must get the interests

of their students to study harder. It only says that teachers

must be very professional in teaching their students. In that

study, it also says that other teachers are really boring with

their type of discussing lessons because it depends on the

style/strategies of how they teach their lessons.

The researchers chose this topic not just to help students

perform well in class but also to help our beloved teachers

in different subject areas. This study can help them in improving

their methods of teaching their students. This will help the

teachers identify to which among the students are interested.

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

Teachers of every subject areas have their own strategy and

methods of teaching. Some of those methods are the P-O-E/Predict-

Observe-Explain, Cooperative learning, Character Webbing and others.

The said teaching methods are only examples because there are

still so many teaching methods. Teaching method is a broad topic.

But which of those is the most effective teaching method.

Figure 1
Research paradigm

In this diagram, it shows the teaching method used by the

teachers and the academic performance of the selected high school

students of Roosevelt college Rodriguez during school year 2011 –

2012. this study has two factors namely ; teaching method used

by subject area and academic performance of their students.

Statement of the problem

This study aims to determine the teaching method used by

the teachers and the academic performance of the high school

students in Roosevelt College Rodriguez School Year 2011-2012.

More specifically, it will seek answers to the following


1. What is the most common teaching method used by the

Teachers in each subject area?

2. How does the students evaluate the teaching method

used by their teacher in different subject areas?

3. What is the academic performance of the students in

all subject areas?

4. Is there a significant relationship between the teaching

method used by the teachers and the academic performance of the



The Null hypothesis is stated below:

There is no significant relationship between the teaching

method used by the teachers and the academic performance

of the students.
Significance of the Study

This research aimed to study the teaching methods of

the teachers and it’s effectiveness to the academic performance

of the high school students of Roosevelt College Rodriguez School

Year 2011-2012.

The following will be benefited to this study:

Students – This study will be able to help students to

further understand the way teachers discuss their lessons. Also

aspiring students who wants to be a teacher someday will be

benefited by this study. They will be able to know what are

the possible teaching methods they can use for future


Teachers - This study could serve as a guide for them to be

able to know which method of teaching will be effective in

teaching their students. This study can also be their basis

if ever their students are not easily learning their lessons

due to the teaching method they are using.

Academic Supervisor - This study can be used by the academic

supervisor in orienting and guiding the new teachers every

year. The academic supervisor can also use this study as a

basis if the students pays attention to their teachers or

not during the academic supervisor observes the class.

Future Researchers - This study will benefit future researchers

for they can use our topic as a reference and they could also use and continue our research work.

Scopes and Delimitations

This study focused on determining the effectiveness of the

teaching method of the teachers to the academic performance of

the high school students of Roosevelt College Rodriguez School

Year 2011-2012. The study was conducted at Roosevelt College

Rodriguez in the high school department with the teachers and

the student as the respondents.

It made use of the student’s general average on all the

subjects in the first semester of school year 2011-2012 to

represent their academic performance. Since the respondents in

this research belong to the high school department of Roosevelt

College Rodriguez System, the subject areas concerned in this

study were based on the curriculum of all year levels.

Definition of Terms

Teaching Method – the way or style of the teachers to deliver

lessons or to discuss. Every different teaching

method has an advantage and disadvantage. It

benefit students in different ways.

Academic Performance – refers to how students deal with their

studies and how they cope with or accomplish

different tasks given to them by their teachers.

Chapter 2

Review and Related Literature

Foreign Literature

Lindeman (1992), one of the most important aspects of

teachers role is the evaluation of student progress. Neither

teacher nor pupil can perform at maximum effectiveness unless

adequate information is available concerning the pupils standing

at the given time and the extent of his or her progress toward

the achievement of instructional objectives. The teachers needs

such information to set immediate goals and to be motivated to

set new goals as the instructional sequence proceeds.

Administrators, counselors, and parents also need relevant information

concerning pupil progress in order to plan effectively for

improvement of the learning environment of the total pupil

population for whom they may have special responsibilities.

Local Literature

Based on the statement of Carpuz (2005), one characteristic

of an effect the teaching strategy is that it is integrated.

The word “integrated” comes from the Latin word “integ” which means

“whole”. An integrated strategy will put together the parts of

a whole in order to arrive at a holistic, complete, and more

accurate view of reality. Let’s recall the story of the four blind

men who were made to touch an elephant and who after were

asked what is that they touched. The first who held one ear said it’s a fan. The second who touched the body said it’s

a wall. The third who held one leg said it’s a column and the

fourth that touched the tail said it’s a rope. Of the four

blind men nobody gave a correct answer because each one touched

just a part of the elephant.

That is exactly what happens when we study just a part of

reality like when we put a wall to shut science from math,

language from values, music from civics. That is what we do

when we teach subjects in isolation from one another.

Garcia (1989), states that the teachers need to know how

children learn and how they depend on motivation readiness,

and reinforcement but they similarly need to know, how to

teach, how to motivate pupils, assess their readiness act on

the assessment present. The subject, maintain discipline, and

shade a cognitive structure by being able to overcome certain

hindrance that are inhabitant in students and this facilitate

and learning process. Thus, he defined teaching “ stimulation,

guidance, direction or encouragement of learning. To carry out

such functions, he recognized the importance of the teacher being

able to acquaint himself with the nature of the learner, on

one hand, and with organization of subject, matter and other

materials of instruction on the other hand.

Lardizabal (1997), states that many lessons in the primary

grades are of the informal development type. The logical thinking required by the inductive or deductive process is usually not

in keeping with children’s mental development, short attention

span, and the short periods allotted to subjects.

Alcantara (2003), states in her book “Teaching Strategies I”

that experts agree that an approach is ones viewpoint towards

reaching. On other hand, method is a series of related and

progressive acts performed by a teacher and students to achieve

the objectives of the lesson. Technique refers to the personal

art and style of the teacher in carrying out the procedures

of teaching, while strategy consists of a set of decisions to

achieve an objective that results in a plan and its wise


Teaching strategies in reading are based on the philosophy

and theories regarding the meaning, nature and structure of

reading. They are also based on the important foundation disciplines

such as physiology, psychology, linquistics and sociology.

Researchers conducted in the last twenty years reveal some

changes in the meaning of reading and in the strategies which

have been found to be most effective.

Lardizabal (1991), every teachers need to have a lesson plan.

It is useful not only to the teacher, but also to the principals,

supervisors, and assignments. Lesson plans may be classified as

detailed, semi-detailed, and brief. To make good lesson plans, it

is necessary to have knowledge of the subject matter, children, methods, materials and objectives. This discussion on educational

objectives focused on the procedure for the classifying and

sequencing instructional objectives. Behavior taxonomy was

considered as classification scheme to organize instructional

objectives. Behavior taxonomy was considered as a classification

scheme to organize instructional objective. Taxonomies for the

cognitive and psychomotor domain were also presented.

Bustos (1991), states in her book “Principle Methods of Teaching“

that teaching and learning are just two sides of the same coin.

Method facilities learning since as psychologists tell us, there

are many different ways of learning. There should also be different

methods of teaching.

In any method, certain definite steps are necessary as a

guide to the learner. Hence, method should be following

psychological principle in the learning process. A method is good

if it causes a child to learn. Method forms the bridge

between the child and the subject matter. Methods make learning

easier. The sharing period teaches children to give and take.

The inductive method educates the child to think logically the

deductive method educates the child to postpone judgment until

further verification.

The traditional concept of method placed more emphasis on the

“how?”. Today’s newer and broader concepts of method places more

stress on the “why?” rather than “how?” this is in line with the suggested reforms in the teaching methodology which advance

adaption of “more and more teaching strategies that are inquiry

and problem oriented to develop the ability to think, rationalize,

and make proper decisions”.

Related Studies

Campbell (1989) conducted research at Eastern Illinois University

to determine if students with certain learning styles can be

expected to achieve higher grades in business communications classes

which are taught on the computer than can students with other

learning styles. The Gregorc Style Delineator was used to define

learning styles.

Achievement was based on an instructor-developed final examination

which measured student’s knowledge about acceptable business writing

and their ability to compose a business letter using correct

grammar, spelling, punctuation, format, reader situation adaption,

proofreading and revising. Study participants consisted of 43 students

enrolled in two Business Communication classes. The investigator

was the instructor. Results revealed that in business communication

course, there was no relationship between student’s learning styles

matched or did not match the learning style of the instructor,

and there was no relationship between student’s achievement and

the student’s major or previous experience with computers or word


Van Vuren (1992) did an experimental investigation to determine

the effect of matching learning styles and instruction upon

academic achievement of students receiving an interactive learning

experience. The experiment included 197 chemistry students enrolled

in Inorganic Chemistry 103. Students were divided into one of

four learning styles: abstract sequential, abstract random, concrete

sequential, and concrete random as specified by the Gregorc Style

Delineator. Students received style specific instruction in an

interactive learning environment. They were compared to a randomly

selected group. Analysis of variance results “revealed a statistically

significant difference in academic achievement test scores between

the treatment groups which received a matched tutorial, and the

control group, which received an unmatched tutorial”.

Hunter (1979) conducted research at three two-year colleges

in the North Central Accreditation Region which included 285 students

in 15 courses. Through use of the Canfield Learning Styles and

Instruction Styles inventories, he investigated the relationship

between preferred learning styles and student ratings of instruction.

He found that there was no significant relationship between students

Academic performance of their Students S.Y. 2011-2012

Teaching Method Used by Subject Area

Teachers of Roosevelt College Rodriguez School Year 2011-2012

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