Teaching Listening Comprehension by Penny Ur: Book Summary

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After going through Teaching Listening Comprehension book by Penny Ur, I feel that it is a very suitable book to be owned by teachers of English. The book was published by the Cambridge University Press Cambridge at London, New York, New Rochelle, Melbourne and Sydney. There are many interesting exercises or task that they can use when they are teaching listening comprehension. This book can help teachers to device kind of exercises on listening for their students. In part one of this book get to know kinds of listening activities actually suit in real life, particular difficulties likely to be encounter by learner when coping with them and how to may I as future teacher can help my students to master the difficulties. This kind of information in this book will help me to become a good teacher of English and improves student’s interest and ability in listening skill. In chapter two of this book I really got ideas how to cope redundancy and noise which are always occurred when doing listening task. In part two, before I going through this part I always will think recording stuff is the only way to do listening practice but when I go through this book I really get many ideas and realise that there are other medium can be used to conduct listening activities. Attractive pictures and interesting topic suggested in this book for listening class attract me to read this book. From that I can feel that if students given this kind of pictures and topic for their listening class sure they will be attracted toward the class. Another good thing I can find from this book is the language used in this book is easy English. It’s not complicating and easily can be understood. This will attract many people to read this book and get benefit ideas from this book.

Chapter 1
This chapter emphasis on exploring the characteristic of real life listening. Example of real life listening are listening to the news, discussing work and many more. There are few sub topic related to real life listening in chapter one. This chapter explains further on the purpose and expectation, response, visibility of the speaker, environmental clues, shortness and informal speech. In the first subtopic that is purpose and expectation, it can easily conclude that we listen for a purpose and with certain expectation. Usually when we listen to something, we will have some preconceived idea of the content of the discourse we are going to hear. Such ideas are known as ‘script competence’ by J.C Richards. It noted in the book that our expectation may often be linked to our purpose in listening where if we want to get the answer for a question, then we will ask, and expect to hear relevant responses. When we listen we have our own purposes such as for entertainment, desire, learning and many more. In many cases listener is required to give immediate response to what have been said. Responses can be given in two ways; verbal and non verbal. When we give an answer for a question then it is known as verbal response. When we do action like nodding head as a response then it is known as non verbal response. Visibility of the speaker coincides with the necessity for listener response but its not always. There are many situation where we cannot see the speaker but we still respond to them like telephone conversation. Other than that, real life listening situation normally rich in many environmental clue. Environmental clues are often likely to provide information about the situation and general atmosphere than about the actual topic discussion. Shortness of the chunks is also one of the characteristic of real life listening. Stretches of heard discourse come in short chunks. Informal speech is both spontaneous and colloquial. It stated in the book that the degree of colloquiality of speech affects its pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and syntax and spontaneity affects...
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