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Topics: English language, Bottled water, Family Pages: 7 (2463 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Professor Warlita Sarabia-Mina

“Kimberly Sean Renegado”
I am just a simple girl,
Who loves to play basketball,
Who loves to play guitar,
And sing my favourite songs.
Lovable, courteous, and responsible for all the tasks that been given. Hates the persons who don’t know me,
And make me feel that I am nothing.
But one thing for sure,
I cherish the persons who make me feel important.

“We read to know that we are not alone.”
* William Nicholson

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” * Oscar Wilde


The importance of reading and comprehension is very relevant because in a way of doing reading you must and suppose to understand and comprehend to the things which your mind will be open to undiscovered things; any materials to read can be the tools we can use. Reading is a significant part of learning. It is a fundamental requirement in any field or subject – from language to science and math. However, many people fail to realize. Many students and even adults think that reading is boring and just a waste of time.

Fortunately, there are organizations like Smart Communications Inc. that have program that promote reading skills. Through its Read-to- be-Smart project, the lack of appreciation and understanding of reading is being addressed, especially among young ones. Such program helps public grade school students understand the importance of reading.

And through the efforts of some people who like to promote the importance of reading, it is successfully impart all over the nation from the learning of our professional instructors, lecturers, and teachers they produce impressive reading materials that can convince and encourage students to engage in reading skills not just for the sake of grade but also for their personal learning. It is really true that through the pursuance of one man, nation’s perception in reading would be change and increase.

Let us open our mind in this positive outcome that we can have a competitive nation through the skills of reading. Let us bear to our mind that we can enrich ourselves through learning new things beyond our skills in reading, because it may help us to widen our imagination and strengthen our faith to GOD.


I learn many things in English 102. Aside from the fact that English is an international language, it is also our source of instrument in learning new things. No one denies the importance of English as a language. It is very common and spoken in at least all the country. It is clear that the English language has become more dominant all around the world. In some countries, English stand as the mother tongue or is use as the second language in schools. There is no doubt that the English language that has spoken between the people of different cultures and religions would easily communicate. People can easily run for jobs that suitable for speaking English for the reason that they have the capacity to communicate with other people fluently using the English language. It is quite clear now that English language has become our common necessity today, for the fact that we can use it in different fields of our life. It had become our ideal language for expressing our views, which gave us a big help for communicating and understanding one another. English 102 helps me to understand it’s significant and importance in the field I am taking and it also develop my grammar when speaking or writing a paragraph. It enhances my skills in expressing what I feel by using English language and now, I am very thankful for the existence and the patience of the language that keeps on helping me to communicate with others.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who shared their time. Without their blessings, this project would not be a success. Special thanks to my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Renegado, for the unconditional...
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