Teaching English through New Digital Media

Topics: World Wide Web, English language, Second language Pages: 1 (597 words) Published: April 15, 2015
Teaching English through New Digital Media

To begin with I would like to say that the topic focuses on the importance of new digital media in teaching the English language. Moreover, the important part of the presentation is devoted to the answer to the following question: “How can one actually enhance one`s language skills as well as boost academic performance in different fields without leaving one`s home?”-sounds amazing, does not it? Furthermore, I cover a variety of positive and negative impacts of the case. In addition to this, one should not forget that nowadays young people get more information online rather than in their classrooms. Last but not least, e-learning helps to improve the target language, encourages learner`s independence and the latter has great potential for the development of intercultural and communicative skills. Learning is considered to be a vital part of working and personal life. The online environment is changing continuously and it represents a great opportunity for learning. It is very important to discover how to learn using all available communication channels and choosing the ones that suit a user the best. Nowadays, online learning becomes more and more popular. Where, when, how, and even what we are learning is changing. Digital media has provided e-learning with an alternative teaching and learning methodology. This technology being added to the traditional teacher-centered model gives students the opportunity to use the World Wide Web (WWW) for the development of their skills. A classroom can no longer hold this tremendous amount of virtue and wisdom our humanity has accumulated by now. The process of getting new knowledge has become ‘’decentralised’’. One can share and discuss almost everything with all Internet-users around the world.  One can improve oneself, spending most of our time studying English, doing all one`s daily activities in the English language e.g. having English phone interface, watching BBC...
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