Teaching Assistant Level 3

Topics: Motivation, Self-esteem, Pupil Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Question 3
Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected in pupils? To be a good role model to the pupils I would ensure I am always polite and well mannered when dealing with adults and children alike, and consistently encourage pupils to do the same. I would make sure I am always seen to be promoting the relevent school behaviour policies and rules. I would ensure that hard work is recognised by means of a school reward scheme; this will encourage the pupils to produce a higher standard of work and those pupils who are less able to try harder to achieve a positive result for their work. I would be enthusiastic as this will show the pupils that I am committed to their learning and inspire them to work consistently harder. I would need to take the pupils individual needs and concerns into account and act as a mentor giving individual guidance where necessary. I should show respect to my pupils and in turn the pupils would come to respect me, enabling us to build a positive rapport which would in turn benefit their learning. I would make the pupil feel valued and part of the class by building a positive relationship, giving feedback on their work, getting them to join in or air an opinion. This will build confidence in the individual pupil and encourage them to share ideas with the rest of the class. I would be interested in what the pupils are wanting to achieve and give encouragement and praise for effort (even if the pupil has gone wrong) this will raise their self esteem. I would always be consistent in my methods, and be aware of my actions as these could (in some cases) be detrimental to pupils if observed. I should always be on hand to assist the pupils in any way possible this should gain their trust in you as a teaching assistant and as a person. Show good leadership and motivation and this will inspire the pupils to act in the same positive manner. I would be approachable and listen...
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