Teaching Assistant Level 2 Unit 1

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Amy Elizabeth Summers
Level 2 Teaching Assistant
Assignment 1
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Task 1
A teaching assistant will carry out a range of practical and administrative tasks, which under the supervision of the class teacher help promote effective learning and teaching. The four main areas that a teaching assistant contribute are:- 1. Supporting the teacher

2. Supporting the pupil
3. Supporting the school
4. Supporting the curriculum
Task 2
A learning environment can either support or detract from the efforts of the teacher, a teaching assistant can contribute to maintaining an effective learning environment by:- 1. Keeping classroom resources in good order

Amy Elizabeth Summers
Unit 1
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2. Assisting in preparation of resources before lessons and tidying afterwards 3. Cleaning and ensuring the classroom is tidy
4. Repairing and maintaining apparatus and resources
5. Assisting in the presentation of work and display areas Some tasks that a teaching assistant can carry out after a period of induction training and under guidance from the classroom teacher could include:- 1. Participating in the organisation and maintenance of the classroom environment 2. Decorate bulletin boards, as appropriate for time of year, lesson content etc.. 3. Make display e.g. Mount examples of children’s work and pictures 4. Check availability and location of safety equipment in the classroom 5. Maintain neat and tidy desks and bookshelves

6. Encourage pupils to return materials to the appropriate place after use 7. Dispose of waste and redundant resources safely making a maximum use of opportunities for recycling material and equipment 8. Encourage pupils to dispose of wastes in a safe and tidy manner A teaching assistant may also be required to prepare learning materials for use which could include:- 1. Make or organise necessary materials for example pictures, worksheets and flash cards 2. Record educational television and radio programmes

3. Prepare materials ahead of time
4. Set out learning materials as directed by the teacher
5. Store stock safely and securely, ensuring effective stock rotation where appropriate 6. Develop places for convenient storage of frequently used materials 7. Amy Elizabeth Summers
Amy Elizabeth Summers
Unit 1
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A teaching assistant may also be asked by the teacher to prepare many types of instructional materials such as:- 1. Operating the laminating machine
2. Videotaping events in the classroom
3. Supervising pupils working on media projects
4. Working computer software
5. Using a camera to take pictures of class work
6. Setting up and operating tape recorders, filmstrip projectors 7. Making transparencies for the overhead projector
8. Preparing posters, charts and other visual aids
A Teaching Assistant should also preview presentations before using them in class, as the material should be appropriate for the age and stage of the children using them and make sure that copyright laws have not been broken. In addition they should:-

1. Ensure the learning environment is safe and free of hazards during practical activities 2. Ensure equipment and materials are used properly to support the students learning needs 3. Ensure equipment and materials are stored in a safe manner when not in use 4. Assist in implementing appropriate safety procedures in an emergency They should promote safe use of the internet and should teach responsible use when pupils are accessing the internet. Task 3

Amy Elizabeth Summers
Unit 1
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The role of a Teaching Assistant is to maximise learning, create a safe and positive learning environment and to minimise behaviour problems. I would contribute to the lesson by trying to achieve this goal in the...
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