Teaching Assistant Level 2,Task 1

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The Unit 1 Assessment (40670/01) Task 1
Describe the expected pattern of children and young people's development from birth to 19 years,to include; a) Physical development
b)Communication and intellectual development
c)Social,emotional and behavioural development

Working with Children does not only mean to keep children happy and safe.The professional adult working with children must have a complete knowledge and understanding of how they develop and learn.

Expected pattern of a child's development at the age of 0-3 months is as follows: Physical development

Sleeps more and grows fast.
Enjoys playing with hands and fingers.
More active when awake and not tired.
Hand and eye coordination starts to develop.
Physical movement with legs and arms.

Communication and Intellectual Development

Recognises familiar faces and voices.
Observe movements around them e.g. objects.
Responds to smiles and voices.
Explore objects that come in hands by putting them in mouth. Makes noises like crying.

Social,Emotional and behavioural development

Becomes attached to mothers.
Recognises parents and familiar adults and respond to their voices. Cries to seek attention.
Stops crying when sense of security is felt by picking them up.

Expected pattern of a child's development at the age of 3-9 months

Physical Development

Starts moving legs and hands to play.
Interest in playing with fingers.
Arms lifting up to show that they want to be picked up.
Exploring objects using their hands and mouth.
Excitement at feeding time.

Communication and Intellectual Development

1)Laughing,babbling and smiling back when they see a smiling face. 2)Start understanding the meaning of 'drink' and 'dinner'.
3)Babbling becomes tuneful.
4)Different sounds of cries,when they are tired,bored or hungry.

Social,Emotional and Behavioural Development

1)Cries when a parent or carer leaves a room without them.
2)Cries when left with strangers.
3)Curiosity at what is happening around them.
4)Play only on their own using hands and mouth.

Expected Pattern of Children's Development at the age of 9-18 months

Physical Development

Standing up and holding furniture.
Can feed themselves using hands and fingers.
Throwing toys purposely.
Pointing fingers to objects to draw attention of an adult. Waving 'bye bye' and saying 'hello'.
Very active,crawling,walking ,rolling around.

Communication and Intellectual Development

Starts to speak more familiar words.
Shows signs of temper and excitement.
Shows interests in children of same age.
Awareness of their familiar adults around them.
Understand a lot of words that adults are saying.

Social,Emotional and Behavioural Development

Become quite persistent and want to do the things that they are not allowed to do,e.g a child who wants to get a sharp object would notice where it is kept and try to climb up to reach it. Become restless and distressed when left over with unfamiliar adults. Eagerness for independence (trying to feed themselves).

Interest in other children .

Expected Pattern of Children's Development at the age of 18 months -2 years

Physical Development

1)Able to use potty but accidents more often.
2)Bending down to pick things up.
3)Able to show their own individuality. They know what they want to do. 4)Running,jumping,climbing.
5)Playing with building bricks and make towers.
6)Plays alongside other children.
7)Can use materials and fine motor skills improve by scribbling on a chalkboard or a paper. 8)Can feed themselves.

Communication and Intellectual Development

1)Can understand and repeat words said by an adult.
2)Enjoys picture books,stories and nursery rhymes.
3)Start enjoying pretend play such as home corners.
4)Pointing to pictures of familiar objects and can name them. 5)Can take emplty...
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