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My reflection is on a teaching session of nasogastric feeding to a second year student. One of the patient I looked after was fed via a nasogastric tube. My student had told me she had never set up a feed via a nasogastric tube. I saw this as a learning opportunity for her. In order for me to teach my student effectively, it was important to establish her preferred learning style. Honey & Mumford (1992) identify four distinct learning styles e:g 1.Activist, are those people that learn by doing.

2.Theorist, like to understand the theory behind the actions. 3.Pragmatist, learners need to be able to see how to put the learning into practice. 4.Reflectors, learn by observing and thinking about what happened.

After discussing with the student, she informed me that she would like to have an attempt at setting up the feed, this showed that her style of learning is an Activist. Before proceeding on to the task , I wanted to find out her knowledge on feeding patients via a nasogastric tube. I was quiet pleased she was aware on the importance of testing the Ph, to make sure the tube is sitting in the right place. We discussed the anatomy of how the nasogastric tube is passed. We then covered the mediations that affect the Ph and the importance of flagging up a concern if the Ph was reading too high. Or if they were concerned the tube may have come out. I then showed the student the fluid balance chart where the ph level is recorded. I informed my student the importance of this, as it helps other members of staff to know the child’s common Ph level.

I was quiet happy with the teaching session and felt that my student had grasped the information well and performed the task very well. During the rest of the day I was happy for my student to set up the nasogastric feeds. She was also said she felt confident in completing the task. As her learning style was Activitist/ theorist. I was happy to continue on with teaching via those learning styles for the rest of her...
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