Teachers Trained to Use Guns: Article Analysis

Topics: Gun, Firearm, Education Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Seneca T. Ortiz

In the next three paragraphs I will be giving a brief summery on an article in the New York Times on the topic of, “A Missouri School Trains Its Teachers to Carry Guns, and Most Parents Approve” written by John Eligon. The writer goes on by expressing the feelings of the parents of students attending the school in broad detail ranging from the many supporters to those few that disagree on the topic in question. The writer brings forth a wide array of opinions like that of a women who has grandchildren attending the school “Sooo very glad to hear this,” she posted on the Facebook page of The Quill, adding, “All schools in America should do this.” As well as another mother Sherri Roy, who has four children at the school, said in an interview that she “was really pleased” that some staff members were armed.

Despite the numerous parents and staff that are in favor of the new transition of teachers with guns there are a few that are not as adaptable with this change as others are. Teachers such as Ms. Moffis that stated, “Traditionally in this area, schools have already been a very safe and welcoming community,” referring to teachers having guns in the classroom, she added, “Nobody’s ever thought about needing that kind of thing at school.” This coming from a town that is well versed in handling guns within their own community and training their children at an early age the proper understanding of firearms.

Although the objectified scrutiny by the parents and staff opposed by the actions taken to the decision of having school teachers trained to carry firearms. The board of education is doing everything in their power to ensure that all of the necessary precautions are taken into account before letting any teacher bring a gun to school. Precautions such as 40-hour course during spring break last month through a company called Shield Solutions, whose instructors included local SWAT team members. The training, which was paid for by the...
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