Teachers of Today – Who They Are and What They Need to Know

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Teachers of Today – who they are and what they need to know

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Exciting, and rewarding are just some characteristics that explain teaching. Overcoming anxiety and nerves in the first year is our greatest challenge. Moving into the classroom for the first time can be a daunting and challenging experience for everyone. You are required to immediately equip four years of knowledge into your teaching and classroom management. While this may seem to be a difficult time, it will only get easier. 

There are many rewards with being a teacher, however it is important to note that it is not a role to be taken lightly – it is a difficult role to fill. As teachers, we need to understand that every child will learn differently. No matter their culture, gender or socioeconomic status, so as teachers you have to encourage and have a level field in your classrooms. You have to know how to reach each student. As teachers you need to let the students know that they don’t have to follow the stereotyped roles of society.

The teachers of 2010 and beyond will face many challenges that we are currently unaware of. What we can do to prepare for those challenges is look at where things may be headed in terms of technology and population and cultural diversity.

“A professional doesn’t view his or her profession as a just a job, but rather sees it as a calling that is all about caring for children” – Kramer, 2003, p. 23

As an independent Australian Comics publisher (and short film producer), professionalism is what helps us stand out from the crowd. Look and presentation is vital, we have to stick to various guidelines depending on your audience and where we are showcasing, all this requires some serious decision making and - when dealing with multiple artists – juggling some serious egos! Developing and maintaining relationships with other artists is imperative for us to continue to grow, and is just as important to the relationship of student and teacher.

We need to keep up to date with market, media and consumer trends just as both students and teachers must with syllabus and curriculum... and indeed those same market, media and consumer trends. Change and adaption is incredibly important as well, because without it you can't move forward or stay fresh. To be a professional teacher you can't be a dictator, but more of great artist whose success is drawn from the love of the craft, nurturing the medium and understanding what the final masterpiece is meant to convey.

In 2010 and beyond, our classrooms will transform into more of a technological teaching and learning environment. There are many new ways students can research information they need through resources such as the Internet. Teaching has also been altered, with the use of interactive whiteboards. To fulfil a professional role as a teacher, there are many different aspects to consider and behaviours to demonstrate. As role-models, these will pave the way for the students to become more professional themselves. It is important for a teacher to relate to each student in a professional manner. There are many ways to tutor students through advancements in technology such as the Internet, thus expanding the opportunities to be passed on to a new generation. Teachers should always teach with passion and a burning desire to touch hearts and change lives. Remember: it’s not just a job - it’s an honour.

The description of motivation and the descriptions of the many various differing theoretical explanations for them are as follows...

The process of motivation itself is – simply put – starting towards a goal and keeping on the path until you achieve the goal. (Eggen and Kauchak 2010). An individual may well have different ideas in mind when achieving their goals – whether they are moved by an extrinsic motivation (ie: the...
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