Teachers Assistant Assignment Working with Diversity

Topics: Psychology, Intelligence, Need Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: February 17, 2013
UNIT CHCEDS312A Work with diversity in the education environment and UNIT CHCEDS315B Support students with additional needs
Complete the following:

1.Complete a case study for a student who is considered to have individual differences. Explain how you:

Demonstrated that you recognised and valued the individual difference; •Used work practices that are not only inclusive but that benefit educational outcomes; •Used appropriate communication styles.

I recognised the individual differences in the student that he was more responsive when I made the time to sit down with him and explain what we were doing and why he needed to do it and how much fun it was going to be and sat down and made the time with him to ask him why he misbehaved in class at certain times and why he wanted to go outside when all his fellow classmates were inside doing their activities. We talked about how he would miss out on activities in class if he kept doing it and also school excursions and how his good behaviour would be rewarded. I included him in our class activities by asking him to write our words of the week on the whiteboard and he enjoyed doing that a lot. Also when he wrote his letters and sentences in his workbook and did his classroom work praised him which made him want to keep participating. When he did use his good behaviour he learned he got to things he liked and also got to be class leader for the day which was very exciting for him. His attitude changed a great deal once he realised that he would get recognised for his good behaviour and not his bad behaviour I saw that he was more positive and wanting to join in. I noticed he actively put his hand up to join in class discussions and enjoyed joining in too. The way I made the student aware that I valued him and his differences was by talking to him and explaining that he was an important part of the class and that we really wanted him to join in with us. I communicated with him just...
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